Keyword Cleaner for ASO

Developer: Kyle KIM

Current Version: 20170912

Last Updated: 5 days ago

Download Size: 2.7 MB - Download



As an iOS/macOS developer, do you often submit your apps to the store and translate keywords for your app? Then, 'Keyword Cleaner for ASO' would be helpful.

When I translate keywords for my app with Google Translate, it gives white spaces between keywords which also take up the length limit for the App Store submission--100 letters for Keywords.
So I have made this app to get rid of undesirable white space letters.

Paste a keyword chunk into the text field and press the Return key. It will clean unwanted spaces and copy the cleaned text to Clipboard.

- Delete white spaces between keywords separated by comma
- Change continuous white spaces to one space within a keyword
- Count and display how many letters are over the limit of keywords, iOS11 App Name, and Subtitle
- Easily copy the whole text to Clipboard
- Pin Window to stay in front
- Flexible Window Size
- Support Split View mode


Release Notes:

Adds Selections to count letters for the length limits of Keywords, iOS 11 App Name, ​and Subtitle