Developer: Pygmiesoft

Current Version: 2.0.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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KeyMaster2 is password storing application. It provides an easy and single place to store all of your passwords for websites, programs, or any other use requiring a password. KeyMaster2 also allows you to lock the application so that if you step away for a moment, no one can view your passwords. As an additional security feature, KeyMaster2 will auto lock itself after 20 minutes of inactivity. KeyMaster2 uses SQLite and Twofish encryption technology so that none of your passwords, usernames and sites are stored on the computer as plain text that can be harvested by hackers or malicous software.

KeyMaster2 is an enhanced version of the original KeyMaster application. KeyMaster2 adds customizable labels and syncing between OS X computers. Three selectable icons have been added to indicate passwords, personal data, or software registration information. Notes have been added to record other information. The OS X version also has a customizable password generator and can import KeyMaster 1.0 data.


Release Notes:

Fixed issues with TwoFish encryption.
Fixed UI issues in the Detail panel.

To fix the encryption issue, enter your passphrase, show detail for an entry, and press the Save button. The entry does not need to be modified. KeyMaster2 will run a check for all records and re-encrypt any record the program detects as insecure.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0
Review by Nonnie4

Nifty improved but easy to use app - I used Keymaster 1.0.3 for a couple years and found it simple to use and very functional. The new version Keymaster2 enhances the basic functionality but maintains the simplicity of use which I appreciated. I had some difficulties upgrading to KM2 on a new iMac, migrating from a 2003 G5 tower and the old Keymaster v 1.0.3. The author spent several hours working with me via email ) to troubleshoot what turned out to be a procedural problem on my part. (you have to run the old Keymaster v-1.0.3 on the new iMac to establish a .kpf file, then quit the old and launch the new Keymaster2 pgm and import the newly created .kpf file using the "file" menu pick) I cannot thank him enough for spending time with me, including a personal phone call on a Saturday late afternoon, to get me up and running!! $5.99 didn't cover his time spent, but this product deserves your support!

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