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This is a subversion GUI tool, use this tool can greatly improve the efficiency of the subversion. Finally, we get rid of the terminal, forget the command miscellaneous, arbitrary use of the subversion function. If you have any problem, please conta

With this application, you can pack small images into a big one. This tool wasn’t design to be a powerful one. It just pack images. Sometimes, We didn’t need a powerful tool.We just need to pack images. That’s why I made this appli

What's Oh My Cal! ? Oh My Cal! is a multifunctional and multi-mode calculator. It's very cool and convenient! Benefit Highlighting: • Supports Basic/Scientific/Programmer mode. • In programmer mode, you can calculate in Decimal, Octal, H

CompareMerge is a software tool for file comparison and merging text-like files. It is useful for determining what has changed between versions, and then merging changes between versions. Functions of the application: - COMPARE FOLDERS/FILES: can

+++Special offer, only 4.99 dollars now!+++ Folder Compare is a tool which helps you to compare the difference between two folders or files with a very friendly and clean UI. It can also help you to merge your files. With it you can manage your fol

A tool needed by any developer, Compare lets you perform side-by-side comparison and merge of your directories, files, and their content. It lets you see changes down to the character level and copy changes between two different versions of a file a

The best tool for iOS developers to easily resize their @2x or -hd cocos2d images! Supports .png .jpg .tiff and .bmp. To use simply select the @2x or -hd named images or an folder containing the images, use the global hotkey and you are done!

The ultimate Subversion app. Only for OS X. Cornerstone is a version control app built on Subversion that makes serious version control easier than ever. With full support for all of Subversion's rich features, it's both incredibly powerful and supe

Automatic reload for all browsers - Optimized for mobile development - Independent from your choice of tools - Easy to use, very low CPU-usage Jolly is a web-design and -development tool that can automatically reload pages for you in all the major b

** OS X Maverick ready ** DevNotes is a project management tool built for solo developers and designers to increase productivity. Other todo list apps look nice and fun to use, only if I have time to sit down to enter items one by one. But for deve

Dejal Simon is the essential site monitoring tool for Mac OS X. It checks websites and servers for changes or failures, and notifies you via sound, speech, Growl, or other means. You can use it to track updated sites, and to alert you when an importa

Convert an image file to an icns file or assets folder suitable for a Mac app in just 2 steps: 1. Drag an image into the window. 2. Click the "Create icns" or "Create assets" button. That's all it takes to create icns files for use in Xcode 4.4 or

imHTMLFormatter is a HTML source code formate tool. The HTML formatting adopt Jsoup. jsoup is a Java HTML parser can parse a URL address directly the HTML text content. It provides a very effortless API via the DOM, CSS, as well as similar JQuery op

Lets you drag and drop .png image files and have them converted into .jpeg automatically. To use simply drag your .png image or images onto the App's window or the App's Dock Icon, and the app will create a .jpg for each one in the same folder as yo

*** SPECIAL TIME LIMITED OFFER *** SQLiteManager is a powerful database management system for sqlite databases, it combines an easy to use interface with blazing speed and advanced features. SQLiteManager allows you to work with a wide range of sqli

icns Tool is a great tool that helps mac app developers to convert one PNG file (you only need to provide one 1024px X 1024px PNG file) to .icns file that used by your Mac App. And it can also generate document type .icns files for your Document-Base

★ The easiest way to compress and/or obfuscate your CSS! :-) ★ ON DISCOUNT FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY! Want faster loading times for your website, with more compact files, a lot smaller in size? Maybe desire that your code is not 'readable'

★ The easiest way to compress and/or obfuscate your JavaScript:-) ★ ON DISCOUNT FOR LIMITED TIME ONLY! Want faster loading times for your website, with more compact files, a lot smaller in size? Maybe desire that your code is not 'read

Combining the ability to open every filetype with a simple interface and powerful functionality, Anyfile is a tool you will love to have on your Mac. OPEN, EDIT and SAVE any kind of file with any kind of extension. While we believe that many differe

Patch Viewer allows you to view patch files (or the output from diff-like command-line tool) using your existing third-party graphical file comparison tool such as Xcode's FileMerge. Diff output in traditional, context and unified formats from a ran