Jukeboxy Venue Player

Developer: Creative Media Solutions LLC

Current Version: 4.7.5

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Download Size: 19.4 MB - Download


Jukeboxy Venue Player plays high quality background music for business use on virtually any device or platform. Meant to interface with Jukeboxy Manager App & personal radio app Jukeboxy Music for a comprehensive music experience.


Playing from a music library of 25 Million Songs (fully licensed for business use through ASCAP, BMI, & SESAC), Jukeboxy Venue Player can be controlled on-location or remotely with Jukeboxy Manager App and features volume normalization, fade out when skipping, and a cache that continues to play if internet connection goes out. Playlists are professionally curated by Jukeboxy.

Jukeboxy Venue Player:
-Plays music from the Jukeboxy database
-Receives ‘skip’, ‘push playlist’, and other commands from Jukeboxy Manager App
-Plays from large cache if internet goes offline
-Add your favorite playlists through Jukeboxy curation services
-HDTV Digital Signage option is available

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Jukeboxy is a company of musicians, DJs, and tech mad geniuses committed to creating a superior music experience no matter what. Better music, period. Find more information at www.jukeboxy.com, follow @jukeboxymusic on Twitter, and ‘Jukeboxy’ on Facebook!


Release Notes:

Performance improvements