Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering

Developer: Mail.Ru

Current Version: 2.4

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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The graphics of this game are fantastic. The attention to detail is outstanding. - PadGadget (4/5)
Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovereign looks great, plays great, and has plenty of different modes to keep a player occupied for a long time. - GameZebo (4/5)
Juggernaut: Revenge of Sovering is a unique experiment in touchscreen gaming, and brings something unexpected to the fantasy action genre. - Slide To Play (3+/4)
This is a fantastic game. It is beautiful and has amazing graphics. The gameplay is exciting without being overwhelming. - AppAdvice
If you are a fan of turn-based RPGs, this game is a must for your collection, and even if you weren’t before, this game might just make you a fan of the genre. - iPhone Life


An entirely new breed of RPG has risen from the smoldering ashes of Haradan. You, as one of 5 legendary warriors known as “Scorpions”, are entrusted to defeat the terrifying Sovering and save the land. Venture into a surreal 3D world to slay over 100 horrifying beasts and complete perilous quests on your way to an epic final battle against the formidable demon! After eons of ceaseless bloodshed, the time to destroy civilization’s greatest adversary has come. Can you take on the legion and fight your way to freedom?


- 5 customizable legendary warriors to choose from: each with unique skills, back stories and weapons
- 12 classes of mighty armor
- A wide array of items and weapons that change the appearance of your hero
- 4 schools of magic and 12 fighting spells for you to cast upon enemies
- 30 levels of progression for each hero

- Choose to fight your enemies 3 different ways: Tap, swipe, or use combo-hit control!
- Turn based fighting with unique twists: act swiftly and be sure your enemy isn’t looking in the direction you attack from
- Epic cinematic executions for each hero
- 3 in-fight mini games: "collect the mana", memory game and fighting the "evil eye"

- 100+ terrifying enemies to fight
- 30+ hours of heart-stopping gameplay
- 15 unique locations, from forests and deserts to cities and caves, in which to battle fiends
- 5 special quests that open 5 out of 15 secret locations
- 2 mini games: locating buried treasure and lock picking
- 50+ achievements
- Beautiful 3D graphics

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"Juggernaut: The Revenge of Sovering" – innovations in the game!
The first players have already set foot on the scorching land of Radway to do battle against the terrible Sovering and his minions. But this does not mean that the game’s developers are resting on their laurels. Work is constantly underway to improve Juggernaut: The Revenge of Sovering!
There are no limits to perfection, and the creators of "Juggernaut: The Revenge of Sovering" have many more surprises in store.


Release Notes:

Bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.3
Review by hlb

Addictive Fun and Great Value! - I'm updating and upgrading my review, because the more I play Juggernaut, the more I'm enjoying it! The graphics look a tad grainy in fullscreen mode, but play it in a window and everything looks very shiny and crisp. While the interface could be more graceful when it comes to switching from the game back to your desktop in FS, it's fully functional within the game. You get quite a bit of bang for the modest asking price—leveling your characters is addictive, and the fights are interesting and diverse. There's certainly more variety to what goes on in a battle here than in some other swiping combat games, and it all works nicely using a mouse. The artwork is beautiful and the minigames are a fun way of making gold and getting additional items (the IAPs are for those in a hurry to gear up, but not necessary to enjoy the game). The iPhone/iPad version of Juggernaut is free if you want to see if the style of the game suits you, but if you're looking for an app you can fire up for a few minutes of fast-paced distraction between more productive activities, the desktop version is definitely worth the price. Just be aware that those minutes will easily multiply: Juggernaut is hard to quit!

Found helpful by 13 out of 16 people
Version 2.4
Review by Hasan&Laura

Fun game not worth $500 - So I paid $5 for a game. Oddly enought I thought I had purchased a game I could play. Low and behold, actually I had purchased a demo, only really playable with hundreds of dollars in in-app purchases. I have completed about half the game now and am basically stuck unless I want to shell out real cash $ to continue. I admit my skill level is not great, but the system is stacked in the houses favor. Even though the game presents 1/5 chances of getting items more valuable than a few gold (least valuable currency in the game) I have now done hundreds of chests and have about a %1 valuable item rate. The bosses are awesome, but so powerful as to require really good gear to beat. The ONLY way to outfit yourself is tospend money on crystals. IF the company wanted to make $ on IAP, they should give the base game for free. As it is I feel extremely cheated.

Found helpful by 9 out of 10 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.4
Review by CS132

Fun Game, BUT…... - Mountain Lion upgrade wiped out all my saved games, so much for painless upgrades!

Found helpful by 5 out of 7 people
Version 2.4
Review by Thor's Anvil

Pay to play; pay twice to win. - Unless you're willing to pay $, the treasure/item earning is too random to be effective. Every battle you only have 20% chance to get a really desirable item, and the initial allotment of crystals is hard to replenish once you've spent them on equipment. I spent a few hours earning and saving enough gold to buy the first "Epic" armor. Once I bought it, I had to virtually start from 0 gold, and the next piece of armor is almost 1.5x as expensive. That would be fine, but monsters don't show up often. Fun system and trackpad use, and great graphics (for $4.99), but, at best, it's time-consuming to grow your character enough to compete (and frustrating, since getting useful items is based on chance, not earning). Difficulty rises around chapter 4 (at least, once I had spent the initial 400 crystals, etc, in order to continue the game). If you manage to get the rare crystal reward at the end of a battle…it's still just one. Forget about free digging for treasure--"scarabs" are hard to come by without purchasing with crystals. Also, you need to wait around for monsters to appear in previous areas to build your character. If you enjoy preparing and building up your RPG character to get ahead of the game, this one probably isn't for you (unless you like spending a long time fighting with only 20% chance each battle to get a desired/useful item. It's a let down at times). As other reviews have said, this is the kind of luck-or-pay difficulty set-up that belongs in a free game, not one you've already paid for. I wouldn't have bought it had I known. Ideas for improvements/updates would be a way to battle previous enemies whenever one wants to, with varied/better possible rewards for winning those battles. Even better would be a way to purchase crystals with gold (as another slot in the "Miscellaneous" shop category)--which would make the valuable items achievable by basic gold accolation. If there were a way to do that, the time-consuming aspect of the game would be based on gold allotment (however gradual), rather than the randomness of the battle treasures. Then one could work toward a forseeable goal, rather than the chance lottery after battles. THAT would make the difficulty/time consumption more fun by making it more productive and purposeful.

Found helpful by 39 out of 40 people
Version 2.4
Review by Pandybearzle

Excellent Game, few complaints - I’ll get the warnings bit out of the way first. Be prepared to cough up cash for this one. It’s not required, but it makes the game unutterably easier. Secondly, if you want more customization in regards to your character, (e.g. appearance, personality, etc.) or want to flesh out your character as a person, you are not going to find that here. But don’t take the above as the meat of my review. It’s a fantastic game with stellar graphics, memorable NPC’S, a pretty good storyline, and interesting concepts and enemies.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 2.4
Review by GrnXnham

Addictive and Fun but Not Perfect - It took me several hours of game play, but I finally finished the game without making one single in-app purchase! Yes, it is slow but it can be done. My character was at level 32 when I defeated Sovering. The game is simple but the fights and strategy used in the fights make it fun. It appears to be an easy game at first but it gets hard fairly quick--especially without spending more money. A couple of things made the game frustrating: 1) The in-App purchases. Way too expensive for what you get. I would have rather paid $20 for the game up front and had endless use of the game with a more reasonable reward of gold and crystals after each fight. 2) A few of the monsters are too powerful to kill when you first encounter them. You die several times until you finally give up. You then go to build up your power/strength by fighting other monsters. Then, when you return to fight the monster that you couldn't beat earlier, he is now more powerful than when you faced him before! In other words, the same exact monster will get more powerful if you get more powerful. This is pretty frustrating when you think you've built up enough strength to defeat a monster only to find that defeating him is, again, out of your reach! I understand that this is designed to make you want to make the in-app purchases. A few tips: 1) Build up and save your scarabs. Use them on the secret levels late in the game like the Matriarch and the Lake Salamander levels. These levels have the best prizes in the chests. 2) Magic is the least useful attribute but don't totally ignore it. Level up the other three attributes more than magic because some of the tougher monsters have either partial or total immunity to magic and you have to rely on hack and slash to defeat them. 3) Spend skulls on all 4 types of magic instead of just loading up on one type however, I found fire to be the most useful type to add a power boost to.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people