Developer: Jonathan Clark

Current Version: 1.01

Last Updated: 4 years ago

Download Size: 5.2 MB - Download


A place to store all your notes, ideas, recipes - whatever you want!

✓ Create as many note databases as you want. Each one contains as many folders and notes as you want.

✓ Password protect and encrypt your databases keeping your notes from prying eyes.

✓ Attachments! Add links to external files, open those files from within the app.

✓ Drag and drop pictures directly into a note.

✓ Mark text with coloured underlines, change text foreground and background colours, change paragraph colours!

✓ There are plenty of other formatting options: bold, italic, underline, superscript, subscript, strikethrough, line spacing and alignments (left, center, right).

✓ Navigate around your note library using the various methods such as the history list and a favourites list.

✓ Copy and move notes and folders to different locations.

✓ Easy to use find and replace feature, including a global search feature.

✓ Export notes as plain text, RTF and XML (which is the native format for this app).

✓ Import plain text note files by drag dropping them to the list. Import complete folder structures.

✓ Print notes.

✓ Have your deleted notes saved so that you can restore them later if necessary.

★ Please note: Issues posted to the reviews cannot be addressed. If a problem should arise with the application please use our support email.

★ There is no spellchecker at present, although we do plan to incorporate one at a later date. There is no cloud support at present.


Release Notes:

- Rename bug fix.
- Remove favourites fix
- Improved some behind the scenes Library management.