Jedit X Plus

Developer: MATSUMOTO Satoshi

Current Version: 2011.11

Last Updated: 3 years ago

Download Size: 23 MB - Download


One of the most popular text editors in Japan. The full set edition of Jedit X that contains a document comparison plug-in "JDiffX" and HTML editing plug-in "JChecker X." Supports tabbed window, File Drawer, non-contiguous layout, rectangular paste, word completion, smart index menu, smart quote, smart separation between Japanese and English, smart URL link and more. English and Japanese both compatible.
JDiffX displays the changes made in Jedit X documents. You can compare any types of documents that can be read with Jedit X, including plain text of various text encodings or rich text documents. You can also merge the differences instantly using its merge button or the contextual menu.
JChecker X supports HTML validation, auto-correction for errors, URL link checking, beautifying HTML source text and others.


Release Notes:

•Improved the behavior of the option "Don't save resource forks" so that 'usro' resource are not also saved.
•Supported the mouse right button click on the ruler view.

[Bugs Fixed]
•Fixed a bug on Mac OS X 10.9 (Mavericks) that the find panel appeared on another desktop screen when changing applications with cmd+tab.
•Fixed a bug of the regular expression find that the application froze when searching "\Z".
•Improved the behavior of the multiple split views when changing the editing direction from horizontal to vertical.