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Current Version: 2.3.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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★★ Best card game on the Swiss Mac App Store ! ★★

The Mac App Store is overflowing with card games of all calibers, from excellent to unplayable ; Solitaire, Blackjack, Poker, just to name a few. With a traditional Jass, Kynaps is proposing a new, innovative, and 100% Swiss, way to take on the computer. If you’re a Jass fanatic, a true Swiss citizen or you’re just looking to broaden your horizons of card games, you know what you have to do !

What is Jass ?
Jass is a traditional Swiss card game, played with a deck of 36 cards (from six to ace). There are four players divided into two teams :
– Team 1 : players one and three
– Team 2 : players two and four
The players in each team sit opposite from each other. Points are awarded if you announce runs, quads and stôck (the king and queen of the trump) that you have in your hand or through the values of the cards your team obtains during each trick.
Don’t know how to play ?
Don’t panic ! Kynaps has already thought of everything ! If you’re a beginner, you can consult the rules of play before starting a game.

Strong Points
– First game of Jass on the Mac App Store
– Different game modes : Jass, Jass with simple variants , Jass with normal variants, ...
– Clean graphic interface
- Melds are displayed
– Complete and detailed explanations
– 100% Kynaps card design
– Variable playing speed
– Traditional tablet scoring display for experts

Questions, ideas, comments ?
If you find a bug, you have questions, ideas to make the game better or even just a comment, we invite you to contact us at [email protected] Your feedback will help us improve the game quality and playing experience in future versions of Jass. We may only be humble students, but connections can make a huge difference.

Have fun ! Thank you for opting for Jass and don’t hesitate to rate or comment.

Kynaps, connect your mind.


Release Notes:

- Fixed some bugs.

Have fun ! Thank you for opting for Jass and don’t hesitate to rate or comment.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.3.1
Review by SwissinBend

lots of bugs! - This jass software contains many bugs. For example, players 2, 3, or 4 can play the same card more than one time… pretty annoying. As a jass player, the program is not even at a beginner's level. I love jass, but this particular software is irritating. Can't wait for a new updated and less buggy version, one that does not cheat...

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