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Developer: Sergio Parra

Current Version: 1.5

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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This app contains significant high quality video footage (more than 4 hours) and audio resources, so is best downloaded when you have access to a reliable internet connection.
What's in this app?

Three balancing, nourishing, clear and accessible yogāsana classes
- Suitable for people new to yoga as well as more experienced practitioners. Classes provide accessible yoga technique to facilitate integration of regular practice into daily life and develop understanding of how to build stability and even space through the whole body.
- 30 minute class: breath awareness, joint-freeing series, guided relaxation
- 60 minute gentle class: breath awareness, joint-freeing series, postures for strengthening and soothing the body, guided relaxation
- 90 minute class: breath awareness, joint-freeing series, sūrya namaskāra variations, foundation postures to build balanced strength and even space through the body, guided relaxation.
- All classes filmed with descriptive video showing postures from helpful views and angles
- Clear, detailed audio instruction to help you follow the classes easily and gain deeper understanding of the principles that support skilful and sustainable work in any yogāsana class or modality
- Practice guidelines videos illustrating the principles of nourishing, sustainable practice in the context of different types of posture
- Insightful and engaging talks situating yogāsana practice in the broader context of the tradition of yoga as the practical school of Indian philosophy
- Special audio features: Recitations of Sanskrit hymns, Chapters 1 and 2 of Patañjali's Yoga Sūtra-s and call and response peace chants.

Guidelines for using the āsana classes on this app
- Practice yogāsana on an empty stomach. It's fine to do some gentle joint-freeing any time you feel like it, but for more concerted work that will tone the internal organs and work deeply to balance the body and all its energy systems, it is best if the stomach is free from digestive tasks. Practice before eating in the morning or a good couple of hours after a meal and half an hour after liquids.

- Keep warm and comfortable throughout the practice. The video was recorded in a warm location, but wear as many layers as you need to practice comfortably. If you are practising somewhere cooler, keep a sheet/blanket/extra clothes to hand so you can cover yourself for the relaxation at the end of the class.

- Practice postures where you stand on the feet or hands and feet on a firm surface to facilitate the cultivation of space through the joints.

- Engage. Use the practice as it is intended: as a means to cultivate centred yet expansive awareness.

- Remember that the purpose of yogāsana is to cultivate steady ease through the whole of your body and individual system. So ensure that your practice is nourishing and enjoy it!

For more information about James' teaching see: www.jamesboagyoga.com

Video editing: www.visioncut.es

The videos on this application are no substitute for formal face to face instruction with an experienced yoga teacher. It is highly recommended that you use these videos as a supplement to learning live with an experienced teacher.

The classes here are intended for people who are used to moderate exercise and movement. Any exercise is undertaken at one's own risk.

James Boag, Parra Productions, and the makers and distributors of this program are not responsible for any liability, loss, damage or injury arising from the exercises and/or instructions given in this App.


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