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Power JSON Editor is a powerful JSON editor for developers. By Power JSON Editor, developers can easily import JSON data from web, or import plist data as JSON, and also can export JSON to plist file. With support of Plug-in, Power JSON Editor is als

Powerful tool for developers that use JSON and connect to API services. Document based structure, drag and drop support, OSX lion versions, export ObjC Classes with automatic parsing and type check, browse and fetch own or public APIs or even stream

XML Nanny is a Developer Tool that allows you to Validate XML and XHTML documents locally or over the web. FEATURES: • Parse either local XML files or files on a web server using HTTP. In the "Source" text field specify either a local file pat

Choose your color and share your color palettes between all your apps. Copy and paste the color, straight in the right format for your code! The ultimate color utility for all the Android, iOS and Web developers. It features the following “Co

Easy Markdown lets you create Web pages just writing plain text with Markdown simple syntax. A text written in Markdown is a plain text which looks correctly to humans as text and automatically translates in a correctly web pages coded in html. Ins

Visual JSON is a simple and very easy to use JSON visulization tool for JSON API server/client developers. Using the Visual JSON utility one can access remote or local address to JSON server and refresh its result with a click. Or just paste raw JSO

RESTed allows developers to quickly format and make HTTP requests and view the response. RESTed supports both basic HTTP authentication and OAuth. RESTed shows you the response header and response data. XML and JSON responses can even be spruced

AquaPath is a Developer Tool that allows you to evaluate XPath 2.0 expressions against any XML document and view the result sequence in a dynamic, intuitive tree representation. Using AquaPath is simple. Paste the contents of an existing XML documen

XML Parser is a simple tool that allows you to Validate XML and XHTML documents. FEATURES: • Checks for XML Well-Formedness errors. • Checks for XML Validation errors, with support for many popular Schema Validation types • Schematro

DebugHelper is a small development helper tool, which allows you to clean up preferences, plists, container folders, Application Support folders and other files or folders with only one click. It's goal is to speed up the debugging and testing proce

Welcome to Promo Dispenser Promo Dispenser is the only application for Mac that allows you to give promo codes to users and media in a simple and stylish way. It's so simple! and as soon as you have your design made you can create new promo codes in

ChromoEdit is a simple web source code editor with syntax highlighting. Features - Support html php css and javascript - Drag and drop files from Finder to the app icon to open them - Multiple tabs editing - Find text within the document

Attention: open text file containing only characters from the keyboard. Do not open files with text formatting details such as rtf BinaryConverter is a free application that allows you to convert text to binary and binary to text. Mac OS X 10.8 or

THE BIG CLEARANCE: 94% OFF To celebrate the upcoming release of v2 we are giving away v1 with the biggest discount ever: 94% OFF the original price. is a HTTP, intercepting proxy for Mac OS X. This tool is designed fro

Core Data Editor lets you easily view, edit and analyze applications‘ data. Core Data Editor is compatible with Mac and iOS applications and supports XML, SQLite and binary stores, visualizes all relationships and is able to edit the data and g

Do you need to prove that a snippet of JSON is well-formed? Don't you want to track down problematic characters preventing a string's validation? Aren't you tired of apps made for developers that just don't have enough bling? Well, look no further

Receigen is a smart code generator for App Store receipt validation (both receipt and InApp purchase). The generated code is ready-to-integrate, pure C, fully debuggable and integrates various protection mechanisms to harden the reverse engineering.

XML Inspector is an XML viewer. It allows you to navigate through XML files with the help of a tree view representing the file's structure and allows selecting an element in the document using the tree. Features: * Navigate your XML files with the

Awesome icons allows you to instantly create png images or a favicon.ico file from any of the legendary font awesome icons. You can colour the icons. You can size the icons. You can quickly search the entire icon library. Drag and drop the generate

CSVEditor 2 makes editing CSV data more comfortable CSVEditor is the new Mac OS X tool which makes creating and editing CSV data more comfortable. You can create new spreadsheets or open any CSV file in any available encoding. Add, remove or move r