Isrever Twist

Developer: EnsenaSoft

Current Version: 1.0.6

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Isrever Twist is a wonderful version of this classic game. Play against the computer with 4 AI levels or 2 player/multiplayer modes against a friend. What's the Twist? You can also play on a 10x10 board for extra fun, 3 great themes with 2 boards designs each and lots of fun music.

Isrever is a game involving abstract strategy and played on a board with 8 rows and 8 columns and a set of distinct pieces for each side. The pieces are disks with a light and a dark face, each side belonging to one player. The player's goal is to have a majority of their colored pieces showing at the end of the game, turning over as many of their opponent's pieces as possible.

* Both one and two player modes.
* Fun AI with 4 levels (beginner, medium, hard and expert).
* 8x8 or 10x10 game boards to choose from.
* 3 great themes (Classic, Candy Cane Twist and Pop Top Twist) - each with 2 board styles.
* Great background music and sounds.
* Instructions for play are accessible from game screen - click on (?) button.

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Release Notes:

Added in Game Center achievements.
Changed name of the app. 

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Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0.0
Review by Foxie Lee

GREAT - I have this game on my ipad and when I saw it for the mac just had to have. It is full screen and if you like Reversi this is a MUST have for your mac as you will not find a better reversi for the large screen. EnsenaSoft is very good at what they do. Just get the deluxe version.

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Version 1.0.6
Review by PGA2187

No way to disable GamePlay? I'll stop using the app. - This was a good little "Reversi/Othello" type program. But now I have to cancel a Game Play sign-on box every time I want to play. It's enough of an annoyance that it's not worth using the app any more.

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Version 1.0.6
Review by EPJS

Why the name change? - It just looks stupid.

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Version 1.0.6
Review by Corwin of Amber

Worth it. - This game is a solid and enjoyable game that performs exactly what it claims to…no more, no less. It is well worth the asking price, as are some of the author's other games.

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