Developer: Kalid Azad

Current Version: 1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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InstaCalc is the fast, friendly, and shareable calculator you wish you always had. When Excel is too much and a 1-line calculator is too little, InstaCalc fits the bill.

Key benefits:

* Save time. Results appear as you type, make corrections in real-time.

* Easy-to-use. Write "15 million" not "15000000". Large text has clear readability.

* Fast access. Use command+shift+i to bring up InstaCalc when it's running. Hit the shortcut, type your calculation, and dismiss the calc window.

* Low footprint. The calc window is subdued and minimal, focusing on what you want: your answers. The window is resizable and includes a "Always On Top" option.

* Simple sharing. 1-click copies a public link you can paste into email, twitter, or another program [no accounts needed, for you or your reader].

InstaCalc supports a wide array of commands:

* 15k + 25%
* Row references (R1, R2, R3...) and variable references ("sales = 100")
* Unit conversions ("15 feet in cm", "15 feet/day in cm/s")
* Visit for a full list

Fast, fun, and out of your face -- exactly what you want a calculator to be. Happy Calcing.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1
Review by Aerodyno

A fine product - I've used the web version of instacalc for some time, I love the easy access and speed offered by this downloadable version. And sharing is super simple and intuitive. This is the best calculator app I've ever used. Finally, the calculator enters the 21st century!

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Version 1
Review by Smede5

Minimal - This calculator is not what I expected. There are no numbers buttons (the third thumbnail they list above does not appear to be part of this App), however, it is easy to use. Just start typing and the answer appears in red on the right. I like that you can type in words, like thousand or million, instead of numbers with lots of zeros. It may take a little time to get used to the look of this App, but so far its a keeper.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people