InstaCal - Menu Bar Calendar

Developer: Higher Bar, LLC

Current Version: 1.6

Last Updated: 3 months ago

Download Size: 5.2 MB - Download


InstaCal is the missing menu bar calendar macOS deserves.

InstaCal is an affordable, yet powerful calendar app that puts all your events right at your fingertips, always available in your Mac's menu bar. InstaCal is quick and convenient, and can be opened at any time with a configurable keyboard shortcut. From there you can view your calendar events, make changes, invite friends or even add new events. You can also see your Reminders list, and add new reminders as well as view and edit existing ones.

You can use any of the calendars added to your Mac (those available in the Calendar app) as well as adding unlimited accounts from:
- Google Calendar (view, respond to invitations, create new events and edit existing events)
- Office 365 (view and respond to invitations)
- Outlook (view and respond to invitations)

InstaCal also includes:
- Customizable calendar colors and overall appearance
- Useful menu bar options (to replace the system date)
- Touch Bar support

If you have any questions or suggestions, please reach out to [email protected] We are always working to improve our apps and add useful features requested by our customers!


Release Notes:

- Added ability to set a default reminder time on new events
- Fix for unexpected authentication prompts
- Reworked settings for ease of use
- Bug fixes and performance improvements


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.4.3
Review by ghoush

I’ve had a lot of calendar trouble. This helps me. - I am just horrible at keeping my calendar up to date. I am also terrible at things like double-booking myself and just being too busy to remember everything. So I have tried a bunch of tools and apps to help make this all easier. InstaCal is the first one that really works for me. The quick view, and ability to replace the day+date in my menu bar is great. I use it connected to my local calendar and 2 google calendars. I recommend this for anyone who has the same amount of trouble as I do actually keeping up with your calendar. It’s awesome.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.2
Review by cerebrojaramillo

It crashes all the time - In theory good app. It just crashed all the time

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.6
Review by kdurban

Works well, have run into a couple of issues - Great tool for those of us forced to work in OWA constantly. I really like that it has the Accept/Decline functionality- I was just expecting notifications! I have run into two issues: 1. Calendar stopped showing meetings, and won't sync. Fix: remove accounts, re-add them. 2. Calendar randomly doesn't start after rebooting. No fix on my end, just have to start it manually- doesn't happen enough to be bothersome.

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Version 1.6
Review by heywho

Fits the GUI. Always Available, Plays well with others - I love this app. Very clean design - totally works as a menu bar drop down… really looks great, unlike some menubar app drop downs that are —ummm— not as elegant in appearance. Esthetically pleasing. Multiple Calendars. Solid solution. Self explanitory use. Browse, Check, Add, Modify or Delete events in your main calendar app. Set Multiple notifications. Custom colors for special events. Pretty much everything I actually do with my calander…. easily, effortlessly, without having to launch a full calendar app (gmail, iCal whatever,) Clean, Minimal, Smart design. Over the years I’ve grown really weary of having to launch a calendar app, or switch to a to a browser and find/load the right window & tab, just to check a date. Even keeping the iCal icon in the doc annoyed me. It was just clumsy process, If you have the date showing in your menubar, you’re already using all the screen space youll need to access instantly access and work in InstaCal —and by extension your full set of calander(s) of choice. The app is such a obvious value add in terms of ease of use, workflow and time saving... and such smoothly intigtated addition, it feels likelike an organic extension of Mac OS functionality that should have *always* been in present in the OS X /GUI. It just “belongs" there I haven’t had any issues with the product. But the developers seem very reponsive to issues their customers have brought up here. That’s all good. No complaints, and a vew sugested minor improvements.. and it’s pretty complete. One change I’d like to see is to have the “InstaCal Menubar Daten trigger” expanded to be able to incude both date & the time, as the tradtional date & time offered… right now that isn’t an option. Not a big deal. The clock still works, But it’s would make the intigration much nicer IMO. Very, very handy niche product - and IMO the developers have pretty much nailed it. Totally worth my money.

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Version 1.6
Review by Fred1692

Works great—doesn’t always reappear after restarts - I rarely bother to review apps, but Instacal has really made it easier to keep up with my day. Only thing is it doesn’t always reappear after restart and I have to go into applications and reopen it. That said, it works very very well as an easily accessible calendar app.

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