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You're backing up your important images, but how do you know your backups are still good? You don't, unless you're using ImageVerifier.

ImageVerifier scans folders for images and verifies that they're OK by examining their internal structure. It handles JPEGs, TIFFs, PSDs, and most raws (NEF, CR2, etc.). It's ideal for checking your archived or active photos, and then for periodically re-checking them. You don't want to overwrite a backup if the images have gone bad!

ImageVerifier is an industrial-strength app that's been used by hundreds of professional photographers for several years. Now, it's available for the first time in the App Store at a very low price.

Code to verify JPEGs, TIFFs, and PSDs is built-in. Raws are verified by running them through Adobe's DNG Converter, which ImageVerifier invokes automatically. As many as 8 threads can be active, to fully exploit multi-core Macs.

Results are saved in a database for later reference. You can view results by last run, by project, and by folder.

Once verified, ImageVerifier can store a 128-byte hash for each file so subsequent verification is very fast.

Before buying ImageVerifier, you can read the complete documentation by clicking the Support link or by going directly to


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Version 2
Review by Cavaphoto

Good app but no customer support at all - When this app works, it's great. Unfortunuately every once in a while there are some bugs that gives you totally random results and not trustworthy. and I've tried contacting customer service several times in the last 4 weeks and no reply, just the autoreply saying he received my query. Funny thing is that in the website it says "best support" in the industry...

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Version 2
Review by Ratpat

Great App - A great app for anyone who needs to manage a workflow with a large number of image files. It's one of the only tools out there that can batch validate the checksum in DNG files. If you care about your digital asset management then you should give this app a look.

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