Image 2 Sketch: Create child's paint book pages from colored images/photos

Developer: Clovis Michel Pedroso Picanco

Current Version: 2.2

Last Updated: 25 days ago

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Create great sketches from images with Image 2 Sketch. This application converts color images into sketches so they can be printed and used as entertainment for people of different ages, especially children.

The Image 2 Sketch is the ideal tool for you that believes the best for their children, definitely not the television or electronic games. The application allows you to change color images leaving them in black and white, giving you the opportunity to adjust line width and intensity of noise.

* Image Edition: Noise, Sharpness, Edge, Contrast and Threshold.

* Simple & easy interface: Simple interface to create cool effects in your pictures.

* Sketch effect: Transform your picture to draw.

* Export Images: Save your picture anywhere you want.

Enjoy our amazing features:

 • Noise Level (reduction or enhancement of the edges)
 • Sharpness (reduction or enhancement of noise)
 • Edge Intensity (intensifies the contrast of the lines)
 • Contrast (Intensifies the design of contrast with the white background)
 • Threshold (reduces or intensifies the brightness of the image)
 • Option to change the size range to save the image.
• 0.5x (half of the original size), 1x (original size), 2x (Dobro original size), 3x (triple the original size) and 4x (quad of the original size).
 • Option to save in PNG, JPEG, BMP and TIFF
• Opens most image formats.

How to use:

1. Drag the image you want to the location indicated.
2. Adjust the design of the edges to level Noise (The smaller the value, the lower the visibility of the edges)
3. Set design with noise Sharpness (The lower the value, the lower the visibility of the noise)
4. Adjust the contrast of the lines with Edge Intensity (The higher the value, the more intense the color of the line)
5. Adjust the contrast of the image with Contrast (The higher the value, the white background will be black and will be the line)
6. Click SAVE
7. Choose the image size
8. Choose the desired size range to save.
9. Save

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Release Notes:

* Minor improvements.