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Convert iTunes playlists into MP3 CDs in one click — it works even with playlists containing songs not in MP3 format! Select a music playlist from your iTunes library, then its songs will be automatically converted to MP3 format in the desired

Audiobook Wizard takes in any number of mp3 or AAC encoded files and joins them into one huge audiobook file, complete with chapter markers and iTunes compatible meta tags so you can sync everything into your iPhone, iPad or iPod. Audiobook Wizard

Audiobook Binder is a simple tool for converting your audiobooks from mp3 format to iPod-compatible m4b. Features: - Author/title information in m4b audiobook - Cover artwork - Tuneable audio encoding properties: mono/stereo, sample rate - Automatica

Did you ever notice that your iTunes collection is filled with different media formats like AAC, MP3, AIFF? This is very problematic when you want to do an USB key for your car radio or if you want to put put audio files on a non-Apple device. Musik

TuneSpan allows you to browse and span the media in your iTunes Library. To "span" your media means to distribute the files in your iTunes Library across multiple drives. "…the somewhat magical way that TuneSpan resolves the problem of havi

Easily compress, archive, encrypt and omit invisible files. EASY TO USE To compress a file, simply drag and drop the file into the app window. You can compress more than one file by dragging multiple items onto Compress Files window, and you can al

Folder Monitor allows you to select a folder to watch for changes and associate a shell script to run when a change is detected. If you've got something that needs to be updated for instance when a file is added or removed from a folder, simply sele

Hide files and folders from the prying eyes of other people using your Mac. The most simple and straightforward method to protect a file. Secret Folder allow you to build a list of file and folders, which you may turn visible or invisible with a sim

***NOTE: please contact us with any problem. We have been supporting this application for 9 years. We can work with you to resolve any problem. FULLY COMPATIBLE WITH macOS Sierra (10.12). The real true bidirectional synchronization tool! Many other

Folder Icon Creator is an app to customize the icons on your Mac. The program comes pre-bundled with hundreds of icons that you can use to create custom folder icons and custom file icons on your Mac. Not only are there hundreds of icons included wit

Amacsoft .docx to PDF Converter software is the best PDF Creator which can convert your .docx to PDF in an easy way. It is the best choice of your .docx to PDF Converter. Also, you can set up the PDF master password, PDF author information, etc. * C

The ePub Packager is a small and easy to use program that can unpack epub files to make changes or fixes to the ebook and pack the folder back to epub file. You can drag a folder to our application icon on the Desktop and also to the main window. M

Only $1.99 Now!! Get it Today!! We also highly recommend our app "My Video Converter", it is only 1.99$ NOW. If you want to convert your any videos to iphone, ipad, or any other popular formats, Get it Toady. TIME LIMITED SALE. All-in-one disk sc

--This is an emulator for the famous HP-15C scientific calculator with its original skin. Carry your favorite calculator along with you every day and use it together with your favorite library! Features: ----- • Full emulation of the HP-15C

iD3 Editor is an open source project that helps music lovers to easily update tags of the music files. It provides features listed below: 1) batch processing music files; 2) cover art support; 3) fixing the character encoding of tags (more than 30 la

MP3 Converter is a great tool for you to convert any video and audio to mp3 files. It can convert wma, wav, cds, flac, aiff, mpeg, avi, wmv, and more to MP3 fomat. So as to make the songs play easily on any device like iPod, iPhone, iPad, cell phone

Control more than 100 apps, keyboard & mouse, presentations, media center software and important settings on your Mac from your iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch & Apple Remote! This is the Express version of our award winning remote control solution Remote

The purpose of OneWaySync is to safely create mirrors of folders in a simple and quick way. This tool will sync in only one way, this means the source directory will not be changed and only the destination directory will be affected. By switching of

— Launch SALE! 50% OFF for a limited time — Cut and paste files in the Finder. Merge folders! moveAddict provides a functionality the Finder was missing, the ability to move files using the keyboard. It’s meant to replace draggin

Taxonomy was specially developed for quick file sorting. It will come handy if you need to sort your photos among several folders: “Holiday in Spain”, “Party”, “Add to Facebook”, etc. It is indispensable when it i