ID Image Catalog

Developer: Foil, Graphics, & More

Current Version: 4.8.0

Last Updated: 1 year ago

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You MUST own Adobe InDesign in order to use this application. Without InDesign, you won't be able to do anything with this app.
This application will create pages in InDesign with frames and titles of all the images in a folder. Once you select a folder, the application tells InDesign to make a document with the number of image frames per page you specify, places the image files, and creates a text frame with the image information below it.

There are options to scan subfolders, make a title bar on each page, to scale images up or down, to include more space for long path names, and much more. Once the catalog is built, you can modify its appearance with Paragraph Styles, Object Styles, and Master Page changes.

Requires OSX 10.9 and higher, and Adobe InDesign CS5 through CC.


Release Notes:

Updated for OSX 10.9 and higher
Updated for Adobe InDesign CS5 through CC


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Version 4.8.0
Review by Trogdor!!!1

Perfect for InDesign Contact Sheets - We have thousands of images in folders and occasionally need to create contact sheets in InDesign. This program worked perfectly and was very quick and easy to use... once you know that you need to set up a preset document with no margin and with the orientation that you want FIRST. There is an FAQ page available which addressed our questions. Works great and was worth the $20 compared to the amount of time it would take using our other method.

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