Hydrothermal Lite

Developer: Nuclear Nova Software

Current Version: 1.22

Last Updated: 2 years ago

Download Size: 9.5 MB - Download


Hydrothermal is a city building game where you create a space colony and ward off alien invaders. Control every aspect of your colony's layout, including zoning, building placement, and terrain features, all with the ability to conquer more land for expansion. Adjust the city details by balancing the budget, passing/repealing laws, and allocating extra resources into six areas using the balance of powers screen. Don't forget to build and manage an army though, aliens attack from time to time! Hydrothermal's addicting gameplay and a classic 2D with over 50 unique buildings, Hydrothermal will keep you entertained for countless hours.


Release Notes:

Fix crash on startup (Mac)
Native compatibility with Mac OS 10.11 (Mac)
Minimum Mac OS X version 10.8+ (Mac)


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.18
Review by JeffersAnthon

Meh - Interesting concept. Don't mind the low-res-ness of it. Reminds me of the first Sim City. It combines building a city with an… conscious (not quite active) defensive strategy. Major gripes: all the buttons in the program are not aligned properly. Meaning the +/- toggles are skewed, so that the + toggle does nothing, the - toggles actually increases an amount, and somewhere below is "space" one can decrease an amount. Aside from a approval rating, one can't really determine one's success at the game. There's little on-boarding, and even less scaffolding to maintain interest. There doesn't seem to be room to improve or develop, only succeed. The amount of typos and spelling errors is unforgivable. Proofread before going to market. The law for prohibition is misspelled as “prohabitation”. While not a word, could conjure an entirely different meaning. Additionally, in the “laws” table, having excess, unused toggles is clutter, and grossly unprofessional. If this is your free version to get people interested, what makes you think people will pay for the full version?

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