Homeopathy For Autism DT

Developer: Aerende, Inc.

Current Version: 1.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Please note that for people who are not doctors, this app is for informational purposes only and should not be used by non-doctors to treat patients.

The Homeopathy for Autism app provides the usual symptoms to remedies approach but with a number of new features.

1. The Symptoms are separated into three groups: Mental, Emotional and Physical.
2. Muliple Symptoms can be selected at once.
3. The remedies for the symptoms selected have a count for the number of symptoms that suggested that remedy. Thus the remedies that match the most Symptoms have the highest count.
4. When a remedy selected, three views of the remedy are provided:
a) Delusions
b) Causalities
c) Compensations
The Delusion that a remedy addresses, are the delusions that the patient has about themselves and their relationship to the world that match the remedy. The Causalities are what caused the delusions to occur. The Compensations are the behaviors that the patient adapts to attempt to deal with the Delusions. All three of these attributes of the remedy can be used to analyse the patient's behavior to determine if a given remedy is the right one for that patient.

The Homeopathy for Autism app has 57 Mental symptoms, 140 Emotional symptoms and 27 Physical symptoms along with 25 remedies in this new format. Each remedy has multiple delusions, causalities and compensations.


Release Notes:

Fixed icons.


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Version 1.1
Review by Jock_Itch

App will not launch on 10.12.1. - “You can’t use this version of the application “HomeopathyForAutismDT.app with this version of macOS.” Will be on the lookout for a developer update, and will be glad to update my review… once I can actually open the app I just paid $9.99 for. ;/

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