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Developer: Binary Formations, LLC

Current Version: 3.7.3

Last Updated: 22 days ago

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A Mac App Store Editor’s Choice, Home Inventory has been helping people organize and store information about their home and its contents for over 11 years.

Called "Quick and easy to use" by the New York Times, Home Inventory is the ultimate tool for cataloging information about your home & belongings for insurance, home management, and estate planning purposes.

Home Inventory helps you organize the receipts, warranty information, product manuals, maintenance schedules, repair and improvement notes, and other important information about your home and its contents. With Home Inventory, all of this information is in one place, and easy to find.

Many do not realize they are underinsured until disaster strikes and they need to file a claim. Home Inventory can deal with the complex coverage rules and limits found in most insurance policies and its coverage analysis tools let you know exactly where you are under and over-insured.

Best of all, Home Inventory is completely private. Your inventory is stored on your Mac not on some company’s server, where it could be hacked or sold to other parties. And should something happen to your Mac, Home Inventory’s robust backup features can backup your data to your iPhone or iPad and elsewhere. You can also back it up in a cloud synced folder on your Mac such as Dropbox or iCloud Drive. You are always in control of how and where your inventory information is kept.


• Store user manuals, home inspection reports, lot surveys, covenants, and other documents related to your home and its contents.
• Keep receipts for items, repairs, maintenance, renovations, and more.
• Keep track of item warranty information.
• Dated notes let you to keep track of repairs, improvements, and other information about your items and home.


• Store details about your items such as make, model, serial numbers, purchase price and date, value, warranty information and much more.
• Store multiple photos of your items and home.
• The details, receipts and photos in Home Inventory can help establish proof of ownership and replacement value in case you need to file a claim and can ensure a fair settlement.
• Coverage analysis lets you know if you are adequately insured.
• Robust reports can be shared with your insurance agent.


• Stay on top of home maintenance tasks by building a schedule that integrates with Calendar and Reminders.
• Keep track of important information about your home, such as the year it was built, square footage, purchase price, and your property assessment history.


• Assign an heir to each item in your inventory.
• An Heir report can be added as an addendum to your will.


• Add items to your inventory while away from your computer with our free helper app, Home Inventory Remote Entry, for the iPhone and iPad.
• Add items to your inventory by scanning UPC/EAN barcodes from Home Inventory Remote Entry on your iPhone or iPad.
• Use Home Inventory's Inbox to store receipts for items that you wish to add to your inventory later.
• Add receipts to the Home Inventory's Inbox, directly from your email or browser, without having to open Home Inventory.


• Backup and view your inventory on your iPhone or iPad with our free Home Inventory Mobile Backup app.
• Quickly enter item information away from your computer on your iPhone or iPad with our free Home Inventory Remote Entry app.


• Use your scanner to add photos and receipts
• Customizable fields and field layouts
• Built-in currency conversion
• Robust and flexible reporting options
• Password protection
• Import and export CSV data
• Warranty expiration alerts
• Keep multiple inventories
• Supports Tabs in Sierra


If you have any problems or suggestions, please visit our support page at https://binaryformations.com/support


Release Notes:

Fixed a bug with Canadian Dollar to US Dollar currency conversions.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by JenniferM

The only app that has ever made the process of making a home inventory seem feasible! - I've been using Home Inventory since 2009 and since the addition of the iOS Photo Remote app, it has become a very powerful and easy to use tool to keep track of the stuff that we purchase and things that we already own. I make sure to scan each new purchase before getting rid of the box, snap a few pictures, enter the serial number, choose category/location and we're good to go. Being able to attach scanned receipts and warranty info is very useful, and the reports that are generated are very comprehensive and easy to read. The new interface in version 3 is very nice. The developer has helped me with issues and gotten back to me via email extremely quickly, and is always pleasant and ever eager to implement fixes and listen to suggestions. One of my most highly recommended apps, both for the quality of the app itself and for my customer service experience.

Found helpful by 88 out of 90 people
Version 3.0.3
Review by McQuady

Misleading ease of use - I've had this product over a month and havent even entered one item yet. Why would you advertise a compatibility with iphone/ipad that initially is only for backing up to look at items on the go? Then you add a photo remote to make adding items easier, but you physically need to have the connection going with the computer over wifi while entering. I purchased this software to speficially help my parents inventory their home, and link it to my MacAir, only to find out I need to be physically present with my laptop during the process. This is extremely time consuming and not easy to use, which is the exact opposite reason I purchased this product.

Found helpful by 51 out of 73 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.7.3
Review by Fhhowdy

Makes inventory management fun... - My personal experience with this software is great. I’ve set my backup directory to iCloud and have it make a backup after each use. With the remote software for iOS, it’s been great.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people