Holding Pattern

Developer: Hubapps.com LLC

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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✔ Drag-and-Drop the way it should be

Instead of having to carefully set up two windows side-by-side every time you want to drag something between them, Holding Pattern lets you drag items to a temporary window, find where you want to drop them, and then complete the drag.

Perfect for multi-window environments, cluttered workspaces, Fullscreen apps, and Spaces, Holding Pattern is the easiest way to drag and drop under any circumstances.

★ Drag anything: Files, text, urls, colors, images... anything that can be dragged can be added to your Holding Pattern.
★ The Holding Pattern window opens automatically when you begin a drag and closes when the drag is completed.
★ Add as many items as you want to the Holding Pattern, and remove them anytime.
★ Holding Pattern floats above all windows and shows up in every space.

♥ What people are saying:

"Holding Pattern is a revelation" - Mac App Spot

"I don't know how I ever got by before I had this app. I use it constantly" - Daniel M

"This should come on Mac by default" - Ronius

"I love Holding Pattern. It's so useful I can't stand it when I'm on my office PC and don't have it" - Michael G


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by Yalp

Works as advertised - This is a quick little program that works very well and does what it says it will. I only have two suggestions for the developer: 1. Allow more than one item to be selected from the "holding pattern". For example, if I drag 3 items into it, I would love to be able to shift or command click on them to select more than one to drag to their new location. The primary reason I bought this app was to help me to better organize a large number of files/folders. If I have to remove them one by one from the pattern, it doesn't do me much good. 2. This is very minor, but: make the "holding pattern" area appear and disappear a little more snappily. Or at least add a preference that allows the user to choose how quickly the area appears. Other than those two requests, this is an excellent app that performs nicely in everyday use.

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