Developer: Nicolas Zinovieff

Current Version: 2.6.20171210

Last Updated: 1 month ago

Download Size: 4.7 MB - Download


Highlight is a little tool that allows you to draw on the screen on top of your applications.

It supports global shortcuts to show/hide the application, an undo stack and a variety of shapes.

For more info, please read the manual on http://krugazor.eu/highlight/

Highlight what is important for your audience to understand, to make your demos and presentations more lively and focused!


Release Notes:

- switched onboarding to sheet (compatibility issues)
- deleted UI elements that were causing issues with older versions of the OS (compatibility)
- misc bugfixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 10.6.3
Review by Tgrrrrr

Sweet little app - Every week I do a lot of online meetings. When sharing my desktop I've needed something that I could use to quickly draw a line or a circle or whatever to point something out -- ie., to highlight what I was talking about. This app does just that. It has an easy to remember shortcut so it's simple to clear the highlighting. If you're running a VM you can highlight on that too as long as your VM is not displaying in full screen mode. When I first downloaded it I had a quick question for the developer. I've never had anyone respond as quickly and courtesly. The best money I've ever spent. Maybe it's because I'm using a later version, but I've never had it crash.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.6.1
Review by kostik.net

Terrible - Pros: it costs 0.99 Cons: (1) You can not switch apps when Highlight is running. Ok, you can, but you can not use them. Really stupid. (2) You can not change line color. Ok, you can, but for _all_ lines on the screen. Really stupid. (3) You can not save what you have done. Ok, you can, but just by making a screenshot. Really… (you know). (4) Crashes all the time. Ok, it really crashes all the time. I want my money back.

Found helpful by 13 out of 13 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 2.6.20171210
Review by JWygant

Unintuative and Confusing, No UI, or User Documentation????? - No UI or preferences set up, No Documentation on how to use the software, once opened, you immidiately lose all other desktop functions ie Clicking anything, opening and closing applications and windows, web navigation, etc, etc, all functions that are non existent while using this app. There is a settings menu, but accesssing it is a crapshoot ( I literally has to Hold CMD, SHFT and ALT and press everybutton till I got it come up, there is also an app menu at the top of the screen but it is unusable, because at this time, you cant access it, what little UI there is sits right on top of the menu bar on the top left of the screen and is unmovable, then upon trying to “Hide” the app to gain access to the menu items, they disappear and you no longer have access to them at all unitl you “unhide the app” redering them unusable. Another thing is the settings available for this app in this day and age are so basic as to be laughable at best, and honestly make almost no difference in useablity at all, It also does not seem to be playing nice with Apples latest OS itteration HighSierra either. Don’t get me wrong this app could be a GREAT app potentially VERY useful given it had a few minor updates to moderize it and bring it into the 21st century, such as a floating UI/Toolbar/Widget of some kind that hovers above all other windows, that would allow for lightning quick access to disable and re-enable the pen allowing you regain all desktop functionality at a momnets notice, and it could certainly use at least a basic set of tools such as a customizable color pallete, a few different witing utensils such as pens, pencils, and markers, and an eraser of some kind that doesn’t require you to erase everything you have done all at once. In my opinion this is app COULD be on par, and highly competetive with most if not all of it’s more well known and widely used competitors, but without some much needed updates, modernizations and improvemnets being made to the UI, adding some documnetation on how to use it, and being virtually featureless as it sits right now, I would be hard presses to use this at all, if ever, right now, tools like this are expected to increase productivity not reduce it to a stand still, I honestly feel though, that for such a simple program it is completely overly complicated as it sits right now. Al in all it works, and will write on your screen but for now I would have to reccomend that you save your .99 and pay a little more for something that is more well developed than this software is. Personally I will be requesting a refund from this developer at this time, however I will say to the DEV that if you could manage to at least a make significant improvements to the UI in time, I would be willing to reconsider the 2 star review, repurchase the app and give you 5 stars. Like i said before this app has all the potential to be one of the best in it’s class, but as of right now just falls extremely short.

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