Developer: BrainDistrict GmbH

Current Version: 1.2

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Hated creating help files and manuals ? HelpSupreme is a full featured WYSIWYG Html and CSS based help file creator which allows you to create great looking, cross platform help files in a fun way. It natively exports to Html, Apple Help Book, Qt Help and PDF files.


* Easy WYSIWYG editing of Html. No need to learn Html to be able to create great content for your help files.
* A low level Html editor is now also included, useful for example for creating custom CSS tags in your html.
* Inbuild multi language support allows you to manage several languages within one project. You can switch between languages with one press of a button.
* Export directly to Html, Apple Help Book, Qt Help and PDF files
* Content of the help files is separated from their design, making it possible to easily change the look of pages or of entire projects with one click.
* CSS design templates are included for both desktop and CSS, so there is no need to learn CSS. New designs can of course be added and existing ones changed with an inbuild CSS editor.
* Support of navigational structures like subpage menus and a table of contents for Html export.


Release Notes:

* Support for image groups for better handling and easier inserting of a large amount of images / screenshots.
* Copy / Paste support for images in the image view. No need to save screenshots to disk first to insert them to HS.
* Improvements in multi-language support.
* Fixed Utf8 problems in native html mode.
* Fixed Index page generation for html export
* Many smaller improvements and fixes


More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.2
Review by Dev_Company

It's good but has some flaws which you lose work…. - Its a good product and easily creates Apple Help files, but after losing like 6 pages of work twice, I decided to login to the App store and place my review. You constantly have to Save……. you could have written a whole page and one little Command + Z to remove a screenshot you accidently added or a what ever else you need need to UNDO, it WILL Erase everything before your last save. The Redo function (Command + Shift+ Z) is useless and still wont bring back your work. I lost multiple pages of work due to a Undo command…..a simple UNDO command. Devs: Please fix this…This is Ridiculous for the price of this product! Devs: Please fix this…This is Ridiculous for the price of this product! Devs: Please fix this…This is Ridiculous for the price of this product!

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Version 1.2
Review by RGB World

Needs some TLC - When I first discovered HelpSupreme I was overjoyed to be able to quickly create a help book for my application WindowMizer. There were some serious issues that the developer quickly fixed to make the HelpSupreme usable. However, I have been waiting for an update for over a year and nothing. So although it works, it has some serious issues that the developer could quickly fix but either they are not aware of the issues (I find hard to believe) or it is not a priority. The biggest issue for me is the failure to save changes to the Design HTML templates. Every time I open my Help Book file, I have to remember to make the changes before building the book because the changes are not retained when I re-open the file. So, although it is still a good app, it could easily be great with some bug fixes.

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