Hearts Game

Developer: Eryod Soft

Current Version: 1.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Play to the famous card game Hearts on your Mac !

In Hearts Game, you can play to the Hearts card game against three opponents simulated by an advanced artificial intelligence. It won't be easy to win !

- Great graphics, card animations for a more realistic gameplay.
- Competitive artificial intelligence opponents.
- Jack of diamonds variant.
- Several games options : player names, queen of spades breaks hearts, passing cards.
- Statistics on played games.
- Rules included inside the application.

Have fun !


Release Notes:

- Improving IA.
- Bug fix.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by MusDir40

Hearts Game from Eryod Soft - After playing this game for a while, I've downgraded my rating from 4 stars to 2 starts. Reason: The more you play it, and particularly if you start to win more than a handful of games, the AI begins to be completely one-sided in its attempts to win: 3 against one play is common as is favoring a single one of the opposing "players." Most deals, you receive a hand that has multiple high clubs, only one or two spades, high hearts and low diamonds. Recently, it has taken to creating voids in the other hands so that, often, only two of the hands receive points on most deals. Once you've won a number of games, the AI strategy shifts to protecting one of the other players, never allowing that one to pick up any points for many hands in a row, or giving it a -36 at a critical time. Finally, some of the problems from the very beginning do not change: For instance, if you have the 5 of hearts in your hand, you can bet with certainty that the 2, 3, and 4 will be in the other three hands. It's gone from being fun and challenging, if a bit one-sided at the beginning, to being frustrating. I wish there were a viable alternative. Unfortunately, one doesn't seem to exist for MAC currently.

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