Heart Check: Heart Attack & Sudden Death Prevention

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This application can save your life!

This small app transforms your iPhone or iPad into a quick-test for heart attack symptoms. The diagnosis is incredibly accurate considered the effort and cost involved. It’s all based on a WHO survey system that was developed for physicians and cardiologists without access to modern medical devices.

✎ The benefits of being aware of a potential problem and having it checked out professionally afterwards are obvious, considered that heart conditions can be easily treated IF they are only diagnosed early enough!
This is no small matter, since out of all deaths related to a heart attack, 30% of people were never even aware of a heart condition and simply never thought about seeing a doctor for a cardiac check-up!

✎ Heart attacks are the No.1 risk factor for adults with regard to cardiovascular disease. Each year, heart attacks kill more people than cancer.
✎ Symptoms are often misjudged or simply ignored, such as sudden pain in the chest or arms.
✎ Often, these symptoms occur because of angina pectoris (chest pain caused by lack of blood to the heart) and develop into full-grown heart attacks and possibly death if left untreated.
✎ The risk of suffering a heart attack increases with age - which makes HeartCheck a useful tool for years to come.
✎ Test yourself regularly (with HeartCheck or with a cardiologist for absolute certainty) so you know about your health. Most of us only have one life…

HeartCheck helps you to recognize the warning signals our bodies send out and eliminates the risk of having a heart attack happening to you unexpectedly in the worst possible situation (remote mountain slope, off-coast fishing trip, etc.).

NOTE: This questionnaire is based on medical studies and instructions for cardiologist worldwide. However, a test like this will only be able to indicate possible outcomes but is never a substitute for a medical examination.

“My reaction was entirely positive – a well done self-health app.”
– Gody G., Switzerland
“I’m very grateful to find it. [Apps improve] …the overall health and benefits of the population.”
- Saba M., MD, India


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