Developer: Conceited Software

Current Version: 1.4.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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HealthNut is your diet and fitness companion and can track calories for you.

- Live Search with Fuzzy Logic
HealthNut comes with thousands of built-in food items (it uses the official USDA SR23 food database which contains close to 8,000 food items and beverages), each with predefined nutrients and energy values. Browsing this huge database is as easy as opening the HealthNut bar and typing a few characters.

- Meals
HealthNut lets you organize and filter your food intake into six categories: Breakfast, AM Snack, Lunch, PM Snack, Dinner and Other.

- Workout
Whenever you work out, add the exercises you performed to HealthNut (for instance, 500 calories in the treadmill) and it will automatically subtract the calories you burned at the gym from your daily total.

- Shortcuts
Define global shortcuts to access the Search bar or your Diet Journal anytime.

- Goals
Setting goals within HealthNut is key to keeping you motivated and on track. HealthNut's tolerance thresholds allow for flexible dieting - the fastest way to an improved lifestyle.

- Diet History
HealthNut remembers everything you've eaten and every workout. It lets you review diet and workout changes by jumping days - or years - back.

- Merge
Easily combine various foods to create new items. No need to get that calculator from your drawer and figure out new nutrient and calorie values, HealthNut has you covered. Mix-n-match, enjoy!

- Visual Feedback
How are you doing? Instant visual feedback informs you. HealthNut can also display a summary popup with nutrient breakdown.

- Nutritional Facts
The built-in food database isn't enough for you? Read that food label and add it to HealthNut. The same applies to workouts.


Release Notes:

Fixed startup glitches experienced by some users


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.1
Review by drudge

Great app! - Very easy to enter your daily intake. Has the full USDA foods database and lets you combine items to make your own! Can't wait for an iPhone compliment!

Found helpful by 11 out of 14 people
Version 1.1
Review by Ivo97

Poor food database - The food database is very poor. And if you need to add a "food" you have to have all its nutritionals information. And there is no beverages...

Found helpful by 29 out of 39 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.4.3
Review by GorkaReaux

I like it but.. - this app needs the ability to export and import data to backup and also please add a bar that shows how many calories you have used. One of the best features that this app could offer would be Cloudsync , adding cloud sync to this app would make it exceptional and extremely useful.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 1.4.3
Review by furi0usbee

Dev went fishing - Hasn’t been updated in years. Dev is gone. DO NOT BUY.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.4.3
Review by J Kurtz

Good idea, needs work - Software seems buggy. Difficult to use. It doesn't always add up the calories correctly. Sometimes simply it doesn't add them in at all. Great idea, needs more work. Also, excercise categories don't have calorie estimates. Needs to be fixed and put on the cloud so you can enter on any device.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people
Version 1.4.3
Review by Al 117

Nice layout and very useful, please add some needed features. - Very helpful app for tracking the typical things we eat often, down to the very details that matter the most found in the food labels themselves. A few recommendations that would be great for a future update, I feel would be the following: + Include a feature to assign a picture to each food item we input into the list. This would come in very handy to distinguish our favorite food items that we often buy at the supermarket. I often find myself buying the same cans of tuna and such, because of their high protein count and low fat. Assigning a picture of my own to them would be pure awesome. + Add more view options for the list. It would be very user friendly to have the list behave more visually dynamic. For example, the category images are in very small thumbnails that are barely viewable. Adding some more intuitive viewing options would enhance the visual experience and interaction with the app itself, making it the more fun to use. + Polish the flexibility of editing the items themselves. Once a new item is inputed into the list it is virtually impossible to go in and change the nutritional info again. The app only allows you to change the food name, serving size, and meal time for any particular existing item. That's about it. For example, if you input a wrong number into lets say, the protein field, then you would have to delete that food item and restart the whole creation process again. Quite impractical, especially if you decide to tweak a food item in the near future or make a simple mistake. Please do fix this soon. Thanks.

Found helpful by 12 out of 12 people
Version 1.4.3
Review by iTunesAppFanatic

Just what I needed! - I managed to snag HealthNut during a sale, and I'm glad I did because I wouldn't necessarily pay anything higher than the sale price. I needed an app that had basic simple features to help me watch those few extra calories while helping me set a goal, plus I need a great clean layout (though some of the applications graphics are not lined up completely--don't know if it's just me or my new lion software, or just the app itself?) This app was great, and had almost all of the foods I normall consumed (and it most likely will if you eat a diet of non-processed foods) I like how you can add foods, and how they will instantly show up on the HealthNut server, too! Overal, it's a great app, but I wish that adding activities was based on intensity and at least time--rather than entering calories. I find it difficult to track every excersice, and thank god for apple's new ipod with a built in pedometer or I would be at a loss! I would love to see future improvements since I use my HealthNut almost religiously! It doesn't have a lot of frills, but that's not what I needed. I all honesty, I really do love this app and I really hope they continue to update with new features!

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people