Growly Notes

Developer: GrowlyBird Software

Current Version: 3.0.7

Last Updated: 20 days ago

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Growly Notes is an incredibly versatile note-taking app. Collect any kind of data—rich text, images, PDFs, movies, audio clips—and arrange it on the page any way you like.

Notebooks are organized into sections containing free-form pages, like a scrapbook. On each page, notes can lie next to each other, or you can layer the notes so they overlap.

• New file format supports multi-gigabyte files, fast access, continuous autosave.
• Easily edit PDFs using Preview instead of having to merge text and drawings.
• Password-protect entire notebooks, not just sections.
• Tags inside text notes, not just on an entire note.
• Close the left-side navigator to maximize screen space.
• Jump to a page using thumbnail images in the page picker.
• New, optional blue ruler is easier to use.
• Hundreds of other improvements.

• Click anywhere on a page and just start typing.
• Rich text: multiple fonts and all standard text styles.
• Pictures embedded in the text can be scaled.
• Links to websites, files, or places within your notebooks.
• Lists for making outlines or to-do lists. Numbers, bullets, or checkboxes.
• Tables organize your data into rows and columns.
• Take notes in Growly Notes while you're working in another app.

• Easily annotate PDFs stored in your notebook, using Preview (which comes free with your Mac).
• Pull each PDF page out into a separate note, or keep them all together.

• Record audio and video directly into your notebook.
• Remembers all the text notes created during the recording, and jumps back to them during playback.
• Create a link to any time in A/V notes and jump to it instantly.
• Take snapshot images with your camera.

• Search results jump to the note containing the text and highlight all instances.
• Advanced find and replace within a page.
• Tag entire notes, or places within text. Search for all tagged notes with one mouse click. Custom tags.

• Work on multiple Macs, or collaborate on a notebook with friends or colleagues.
• Sync notebooks on demand from any Mac to the master copy on a file server, a shared folder, or the cloud.

• Format brush copies text formatting and paints it onto other text.
• Styles for text, paragraphs, lists, and tables apply your favorite formats with a single click.
• Format panel shows all formatting options, from words all the way up to the notebook, grouped into sections to make them easy to understand—or hide them if you never use them.

• Five notebook templates and 60 page templates for everything from meeting notes to tranquil musings.
• Create your own templates for layouts you use frequently, and easily share them with other people.

•  Navigate with an outline of the notebook, or use colorful tabs. Hide the navigator to maximize work space.
• Choose from standard section colors in five color schemes, or pick your own colors.
• Keep all notebooks in one window for efficiency, or put each in its own window.
• Set defaults for new pages, including the template, zoom, and background color.

• Page picker jumps to a page using thumbnail images.
• Simple drawing tools for highlighting and annotating.
• Password-protect sensitive sections or entire notebooks.
• Lock pages and notes to prevent accidental changes.
• Export to many other formats, including RTF and HTML, for archival, sharing, or final edits in another app.
• High-quality printing.
• Spell checking.
• Sorting.
• Note borders.
• Background images or colors on pages.
• Align text with page rule lines.
• Menu bar widget for common tasks.
• Perform calculations right in your notebook.
• Automatic backups for extra security.
• Print directly to Growly Notes from any app with a free tool downloaded from our website.

• 10.8 and later.
• Text in most languages, but not right-to-left or vertical scripts.
• Does not support iCloud.


Release Notes:

• Bug fixes.
• Click the More button (above) to see what’s new in version 3.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0
Review by SW168

Best notebook app I’ve found so far, finally available on App Store - I’ve happily used this app for a few years now and told all my friends about it - hardly any of them listened, though. I’m so happy it’s now on the App Store and more people can find this great product. When I stumbled across this program several years ago, it was the cure to my OneNote separation anxiety. OneNote was the only program that kept me on Windows longer than I wanted. When I finally switched to Mac six years ago, I sorely missed OneNote and searched desperately for a replacement. For several years, I tried all sorts of programs, even the “notebook” layout in Word for Mac, but nothing fit well. Somehow I stumbled across Growly Notes and it was everything I’d been looking for. I rely on this daily. It just works! It always opens quickly, never quits unexpectedly, autosaves, and I have never lost any data (knock on wood) - everything a Mac program should be :) Even though I’ve got gobs of clipped articles, pictures, URLs, etc, I can find whatever I need through the search bar. My only complaint about the search feature is I wish it was a live search, but it works just fine. I also wish the text formatting and highlighting options were quicker and easier to access. The developer updates regularly and communicates well. If you’ve been searching for a OneNote alternative, this just might be your answer! It was for me.

Found helpful by 17 out of 17 people
Version 2.1
Review by DisappointedinSchool

Great, if you don’t need dependability - I got this because I was tired of using OneNote for Mac and wanted something that I could draw in (the promised iPad app was a big selling point). I’ve had nothing but issues with it. If you have any sort of hefty noteload (med school) you’ll have to create a different notebook for each week (sometimes even day) to prevent the app from lagging while you are typing notes in lecture. This means it will take a lot of extra loading time to switch between weeks and notebooks. Don’t bother trying to fit anatomy pics and notes in one notebook either. The app is supposed to save/backup on its own but it doesn’t. I’ve lost a few pages here and there, and a few classmates have complained that it doesn’t save what they typed in lecture all the time but I just kind of took that with the good. However, today I lost a week’s worth of notes because it apparently isn’t autosaving regularly. The only solution support offers is that you should have the most current version (I do/did). All in all, I like that you can use arrows and drawing tool but it’s brought me to tears (real, frustrated, tears) more than once which makes the app not worth $5.

Found helpful by 5 out of 8 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.0.7
Review by StupendousMan

Easily worth the money. - Growly Notes is just plain great. It runs smoothly, is simple to use, and after over a year of use I've found it's bulletproof - I've never lost any data. I've dumped all sorts of information into Growly Notes - it's easy to find and to organize. If you need a notebook this is must-have software.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people