Developer: The Growl Project

Current Version: 3.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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What song just started playing in iTunes? With GrowlTunes you will no longer have to ask yourself that question, you'll just know. GrowlTunes makes it easy to see what track is playing, and gives you even more control, like changing track ratings and the volume of iTunes too. If you have Growl you can even change the way track change notifications look.

GrowlTunes makes using iTunes even more fun. Whether in an office or at a party, GrowlTunes definitely comes in handy when you just need to know.


Release Notes:

GrowlTunes 3.0
- Adds keyboard Shortcuts for controlling your music.
- You can now run GrowlTunes in the background.
- You can format what fields show up in notifications.
- Note - Artwork icons requires Growl on 10.8. Notification Center does not allow for custom icons.

GrowlTunes 2.1.1
- Improves memory resource usage by updating the Growl framework.

GrowlTunes 2.1
- Adds support for OS X notification center on 10.8.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.0
Review by Mac Macintosh

Works Great! - There are many reviews for how this cannot open at login. I think that if you go to system prefs, and go to accounts and then over to the tab that says login item, you can add it to the list. Haven't tried it yet, but it should work. Overall, great app.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people
Version 2.1.1
Review by michaelwandling

Don't waste your time. - Sure it notifies you of what track you are listening too. But the screenshots are lying to you. You cant get album art in the growl pop-up. You can't edit anything about this program. And to add, you have an annoying menu bar icon that you can't get rid of. UPGRADE THIS PLEASE.

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.0
Review by @owells

Awesome update! - This app works as advertised. Nice an unobtrusive. The ability to customize the notifications is a big plus. If I had one quibble it's with the behavior when you click a notification. It now takes you to iTunes which is a plus. The problem is that when you are listening to a song in the PLAYLIST view it always takes you to the most recent view you were in that's NOT the Playlist view. This is really annoying. If the track is available in the current playlist view it should just stay put and select that one. After all, a user will be in that Playlist view for a reason. EDIT: Unfortunately, GrowlTunes doesn't fully support the new iTunes Radio feature. I won't change my rating because I imagine the developers didn't have access to iTunes Radio to even try to make it work fully. It seems like the notifications are sent to Notification Center and not Growl. Better than nothing … but just pointing it out and hopely a future update will support it with Growl too. EDIT 2: Turns out track changes I'm seeing for iTunes Radio are because iTunes 11.1 has direct Notification Center support. Word is that with OS X Mavericks that will also include cover art support. If that turns out to be the case then outside of the customized notifications that one can use with Growl, it seems like there will soon no longer be a need for GrowlTunes if one's need are more straightforward.

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Version 3.0
Review by violonfello

Re the review by Philtr0n (2/12/15) - Rejoice! You actually can put spaces, characters, whatever you want between the different fields on the configuration screen—simply type what you like between the tags and it’ll show up that way in the notification. I used “ · " (space-interpunct-space), which works nicely, I think. More generally, why would you want this software bonbon now that iTunes has its own notifications? Because the autochthonous popups have a very limited character count, so you end up with something like, "Satie – Danses gothiques – VII. Par piti…,” whereas some (albeit not all) notification styles in Growl—Darkroom, Crystal, Music Video, maybe others—will let you see the whole shebang: "Satie – Danses gothiques – VII. Par pitié pour les ivrognes, honteux, débauchés, imparfaits, désagréables, et faussaires en tous genres.” Is this punctilious and eminently dweeby? You bet. Do I love it? Yes I do.

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Version 3.0
Review by Philtr0n

Great Gowl Addon - Does what it says and easy to configure. Very nice growl addon. One thing though: It allows you to choose the fields (album, artist, playtime, etc) on the popup. However, there doesn’t seem to be any delineation between the fields, so it all appears in one whack. I tried leaving a blank line in the config, but no effect. Would be nice to seperate the fields with whitespace at least.

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