Group Mailer for Gmail

Developer: wegenerlabs

Current Version: 1.0

Last Updated: 10 months ago

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Group Mailer for Gmail lets you send personalized bulk email to an entire database of contacts. Group Mailer is easy to use and efficient – you will save hours!

1) Securely connect your Gmail account
2) Import your contacts database (simple CSV export)
3) Compose your email and launch your campaign!

Mail merge tags allow you to send custom emails to every single recipient on your list. For instance, if your contacts spreadsheet contains a "first name" column, you can use the tag /first name/ to address people personally in your emails. This is a lot more effective than bcc-ing everyone in a single generic email, and it will increase your reply rates significantly!

Download Group Mailer and automate your sales and marketing campaigns. Start increasing your revenues today!

By the way, Group Mailer does not require the password to your Google Account. Instead, we use a secure authentication method that only lets us send email from your Gmail account – we cannot read your email or access any other part of your Google account. This makes Group Mailer more secure than similar applications that utilize the standard SMTP protocol.

We're happy to help if you have any questions. Contact [email protected]

Legal notice:

Group Mailer is a powerful tool - please use with care. Comply with applicable laws and standards relating to sending email, such as the U.S. 2003 CAN-SPAM Act.

Group Mailer for Gmail is a third party application for Gmail and is in no way endorsed by or affiliated with Google Inc.

Gmail, Google Mail, Google, and the Google logo are registered trademarks of Google Inc.


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