Developer: Thomas Braun

Current Version: 1.2.5

Last Updated: 4 months ago

Download Size: 6 MB - Download


Greenshot is a light-weight screenshot software tool with the following key features:

- Quickly create screenshots of a selected region, window or fullscreen.
- Easily annotate, highlight or obfuscate parts of the screenshot.
- Export the screenshot in various ways: save to file, copy to clipboard, attach to e-mail.

…and a lot more options simplyfying creation of and work with screenshots every day.

NOTE: As some guy didn't find out how to start working with Greenshot, here's how: On the top of your screen is a clock. Somewhere on the left of it, you find a small G-icon. Click it. You also find the default hotkeys in the menu.

WARNING for long-time Greenshot users: Greenshot for Mac is NOT as feature-rich as you might expect when you were using it on the PC before. We are doing our very best, but it may take a few months until you find the feature you are missing.

To speed things up, you can help us by communicating with us. Send us an email or file your issues in our bugtracker:

When you're just writing an AppStore review for Greenshot, we cannot answer your requests! Please keep that in mind.


Release Notes:

- Global hotkeys are now configurable.
- Replaced popup message by notification center message (copy to clipboard).
- Destination picker can now be closed by CMD-W.
- New shortcuts in destination picker for the available options (CMD-E: Editor, CMD-S: Save, CMD-C: Clipboard, CMD-M: Mail). See tooltip messages for details.
- Added shortcuts for the editor tools (L=line, A=arrow, …). See main menu for details.
- Added shortcut for „send as mail“ in editor (CMD-Shift-M).

Jira Issue-IDs fixed: MAC-15, MAC-24, MAC-23, MAC-9


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.1
Review by SwTesting

Greenshot for Mac, finally! - As a QA Analyst, I am constantly taking screen shots for defect reporting and validation. When I transitioned from PC to Mac, I struggled to find an easy to use screencapture tool. Previously on PC, I used Greenshot and loved it. I was so happy to find Greenshot for Mac. I’ll concede that the Mac version is a bit thin when it comes to feature set when compared to the PC version, but what features are present in the MAC version are easy to use. I feel that my productivity has gone up as a result of using this tool. Worth every penny and I look forward to future versions and more functionality.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.2.5
Review by RedBarchetta168

It’s Ok for now for the Mac version, but PC version is rock solid - This is the best screen capturing tool on the PC side. This Mac port is definitely work in progress. I like the basic feature where you can edit the image. But something small like after you put a rectangle around a section, you can’t control the fill color of the rectangle at this point. In the PC version, you can control the fill color or set it to transparent. The Mac version simply derfault one for you or at least I didn’t figure out how to change it if the feature exists in the Mac version. But on the other hand, you have your basic editing tool like blurring the screen, cropping the image, circle outline to circle screen spots, rectangle outline to highlight an area, etc. But it is still quite a bit way to match up with the PC version. But I am glad that a Mac version is available and hopefully the features will catch up. Good work overall, but I can’t rate the current Mac version more than 3 stars for now. In due time, when the features have caught up, this can easily be a 5-star app if the Mac version is as good as the PC version.

Found helpful by 5 out of 5 people
Version 1.2.5
Review by nikhilpatel7

Best Screenshot Tool I’ve Ever Used... - …at least on Windows so far. I have used plenty of screenshot tools over the years between personal and business tasks and Greenshot beats them all for the price, which is FREE. I have always wanted this available for Mac and finally has come! At $1.99, it’s still totally worth it. Even though there are some features missing and small bugs in its release, I have no doubt this team will not only fix it, but enhance it even further. 5 stars from thet get-go.

Found helpful by 2 out of 3 people
Version 1.2.5
Review by JohannesMP

Glad to see on Mac, but still missing critical features - I use greenshot extensively on my windows machines, and would highly recommend it there for anyone. The current mac version is still missing some features that I rely on in my workflow. Once they are added, I will give it 5 stars. The features I'm hoping for: - I mostly use greenshot to quickly upload images to share with people via imgur, so imgur integration is an absolute must. - 'Always save to ...' option should be a customizable path, not locked to `~/Pictures/Greenshot`.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.2.5
Review by srfisher101

At last! - Wherever I worked, I used Greenshot on a PC. I’m glad it’is finally on the Mac! Although they’re not as important for me, keep working on getting it up to the PC functionality. Apple should buy Greenshot and make it a standard.

Found helpful by 1 out of 1 people
Version 1.2.5
Review by M4Rcb4

No linking(cloud storage) ability. - This is a decent capture utility but without the ability to save something and paste a link it is useless for me. I don’t want to attach a bunch of files when I could just paste a link. Tools like Lightshot have link creation features and it is free. I was a big fan of greenshot on PC but on Mac it is a bare bones tool that doesn’t have modern features. Add linking please!!!

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people