Apps Similar to Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Step into a mystical world of fantasy where mortal and fairy realms collide. This begins a new Trilogy in the award-winning Dream Chronicles adventure series. Play as Lyra, Faye’s daughter from the original trilogy, who finds herself trapped

All voices and texts in English! An epidemic, a young priestess, a destiny… Will the Gods be with you? THE ADVENTURE Heliopolis, the City of the Sun, a centre of learning, is one of the largest capitals of Egypt in 1360 B.C. A terrible epi

Voices and text in English. Survival is not all! You have to save the island from an environmental disaster! Jules Verne's Return to Mysterious Island 2, the sequel to adventure game Jules Verne's Return to Mysterious Island, and inspired from Jules

Real MiniGolf in beautiful 3D Classic Courses, featuring 4 different Stages: Easy (Set 1) Normal (Set 2 and Set 4) Hard (Set 3) - Classic Real 3D Coureses - Very realistic - Easy controls - Real Fun - 1-4 Players Play yourself or play together wit

Unique physics game for your Mac device. You’re given a tower made of blocks. There are three blocks lying adjacent in every level; blocks in level are perpendicular to blocks in the previous level. For example, if the blocks in the first leve

If you're looking for an addictive and funny game for your kids or even for yourself may be, then our cool click Flappy Bee Pro game is exactly what you need right now! An extremely addictive gameplay and cute character are waiting for you in this co

Do you enjoy the traditional 2D helicopter game? Well if so, then you are going to absolutely love the 3D version called Copter Survival. How fast are your reflexes? They better be fast to be able to stay alive! Guide your helicopter through the 3D

Patolli is one of the oldest games in the Americas, reportedly having been played by both the ancient Aztecs and the Mayans. Montezuma himself has been said to have played it. At the time of the Spanish Conquest, it was outlawed. The design is said t

When Amber takes care of the family jewelry business, she gets an important mission from the King's court to craft marvelous jewels for the future Queen. As Amber, you will seat customers, help them try different jewels. Meet different customers wit

elarel is a pure logic puzzle game. You play as elarel the owl, who has just discovered a huge cave filled with treasure, going deep into the earth. You must navigate through the 25 challenging levels of the cave, collecting treasure while conquering

A little kitty, Tandy, has just witnessed her mother die. She is all alone in a hostile world. Who does she trust? Where can she go? What can she eat? Play through this heart-wrenching tale of a young feline growing up in the world. Survive the viol

Halloween Kids Dentist,Start playing this amazing halloween dentist game to have a great experience of treating bad teeth in the best fun way. Pick your toolkit and start treating your patients with different oral problems. XRAY-- You can always mov

All voices and texts in English! A historical voyage at the heart of the Louvre THE ADVENTURE You play the part of Morgane, a secret service agent, who is sent to the Louvre Palace to thwart a terrible conspiracy. To do this, you will have to go

If you're looking for an addictive and funny game for your kids or even for yourself may be, then our cool tap-tap Dubstep Bird Pro game is exactly what you need right now! An extremely addictive gameplay and cute character are waiting for you in thi

Pets vs. Monsters isn’t your garden-variety, candy-coated match-3 game. Set in the lost magic world of Bloomerland, you play the clever Princess Susan, fighting against the evil witch who has turned your subjects into pets! Each level of this

[Free] New Release, Free for 10 days! Download it right now! The only Game Hall for Gomoku on App Store ! Also the most powerful gomoku on App Store! Support Online challenge with other players. $$$ Online battle vs. Mode - Seamless integration wi

PLEASE CHECK SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS PRIOR TO PURCHASE OS: OS X version Snow Leopard 10.6.3, or later. Processor: 2.0+ GHz Memory: 512 MB Graphics: OpenGL 2.1 and shader model 3 with 128 MB of memory Hard Drive: 100 MB ---------- The IGF Award-Winning

Welcome to Festerville, population 4,206 (mostly zombies). We hope you enjoy your visit: explore the town, take in the sights and sounds (mostly groaning), dine on whatever you can find, and get to know the locals (though we suggest you avoid the dea

LIFE’S A PARTY ON YOUR MAC! Enjoy the all-time favorite board game in a whole new way with enhanced HD-quality graphics, plus new interactive and custom features. Live THE GAME OF LIFE to the fullest! TAKE A SPIN WITH FRIENDS & FAMILY IN PARTY

FACT: Your brain starts to shrink if you don't use it enough... What better way to prevent it from shrinking than to play Stupid Game?! Stupid Game is a brand new game from Inc. and it is an innovative way to test your brainpower and keep it a