Developer: Jade

Current Version: 1.0.8

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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GoSync allows you to synchronize your Google Docs files with a folder in your HDD. All your changes in your files are synchronized to Google, and all your changes in Google files are done in your local HDD.

Can't be easier. Can't be more useful.

* Works with your Google Docs account or any Google Apps account.
* You can configure what files or folder to exclude.
* You can convert your Office files into Google editable files.
* Use your free storage from Google Docs or upgrade to get more storage space.
* We do not track anything. Even metadata. Nothing. It's just you and your account.


Release Notes:

Fix on 'Sync Only Starred' feature


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.0
Review by tbt204

Wow! Minimalist but great overall! - I wanted to save money by finding a way to replace picking up software by replacing it all with Google docs, but I was always nervous about not having local copies. This is the perfect way to do that. For the asking price you can't go wrong. Suggesion: Maybe for a future update add a monitor to the prefences that shows you in real time what is syncing instead of just having an error monitor. It's not important but for people like me who want to see everything happening, this would be a nice addition to an already complete package.

Found helpful by 1 out of 2 people
Version 1.0.4
Review by GhettoJedi

Way Too Buggy - Here's what I want: Sync files (documents, text files, excel files, etc) on my local drive with google drive so that I can access these files elsewhere. This app sort of those this but it's WAY TOO BUGGY. Here are all the bugs I've encountered so far. By the way, I'm using version 1.0.4. 1) When you open an MS word document on the local drive, sometimes it flips out and says the file is corrupted and can't open. Similarly, sometimes you want to save a word document on the local drive and it won't let you save and you have to force quit. So far I haven't lost any important files but it just makes me paranoid. I've lost faith in this app. But to be fair, it may be microsoft's fault. Anyways, I switched over to text files but that has a problem too. 2) Text files duplicate all over the place. I created a simple text file on my local drive, checked out the file on google drive with a browser and saw 12 copies of the file. I think every little save I did with the text file duplicated the file on the google drive. Since I expect to be opening and modifying files frequently, I want to have only ONE version, not fifty! I could in theory go into google drive and delete all these duplicates but what's the point? I bought this app to SAVE time not WASTE more. 3) Files are redundant when moved into folders . When I moved files into folders on the local drive, they are duplicated on the google drive. What I mean is, if I moved files A,B and C into a folder D on the local drive, the google drive shows these files A,B, and C as being in both the main directory and also appearing in folder D. The problem with duplicates is I access and modify these files frequently, I need to know which ones I'm accessing. I don't want 50 copies floating around! The only viable usage of this app is basically a dropbox-like purpose for non-text files. So if you want to move around photos, pdfs, etc. then I guess its okay. But if you want to open word documents or text files, and modify them, there are way too many BUGS.

Found helpful by 3 out of 3 people