GlucoSweet - Diabetes Logbook

Developer: Sockii Pty Ltd

Current Version: 2.2.6

Last Updated: 2 days ago

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GlucoSweet is a simple diabetes management app, which keeps track of your glucose readings, carbohydrate intake during meal times and medication/insulin too!

- iCloud compatible (Sync and store your data).
- Sync your data to your other devices running GlucoSweet on Mac and iOS.
- Slick and easy to use interface.
- Keeps you on track with your blood glucose monitoring
- Records unlimited blood glucose readings and carbohydrate intakes during meal times!
- Supports unlimited medication/insulin intake readings too!
- Automatically remembers the 'unique' medication/insulin names for efficient and effective entering for the next time around.
- Graphs the readings based on day of the week and the time of the day (in both 24-hr time period as well as time of day categories) so you can narrow down which days are making your readings high or low.
- Graph supports display as scatter plot or line graph (Note: Line graph will display averages)
- Beautiful pie chart to keep track of carbohydrate consumption during meal times.
- Ability to analyse your readings based on custom input date ranges; and remembers your last date input!
- Automatically determines and pin points which day was your highest or lowest reading
- Determines the frequency of readings recorded in the high/normal/low
- Supports both 12-hour and 24-hour time display formats
- Supports both glucose units - mmol/L and mg/dL
- Supports several entry table sorting options - choose one that suits you best!
- Customisable normal range
- Export data as CSV file, PDF or AirPrint. (Note: PDF and AirPrint will include graph - only available on Mac version)
- Supports passcode protection
- Backup and Restore feature - keep your readings in a safe place!
- Retina display ready!

iCloud Compatible
With an iCloud account, you have the option to store your data on iCloud. You can even sync your data to your other devices on Mac and iOS!

Beautiful and colourful graphs to help you keep your diabetes in control.

Automatically determines your highest and lowest recorded days to help you target what is making your readings high or really low. Calculates the frequency of your readings falling under High/'Normal'/Low

Customise Normal
Supports the ability to customise what you think is a suitable 'normal' range for you, which is reflected in the graph display!

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If there are any features you would like to see in GlucoSweet, please let us know. We are always happy to listen and fulfill the needs of our users.


Release Notes:

- High Sierra compatibility
- Other minor bug fixes and general housekeeping


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 2.2.1
Review by Thomasb95

Across on all Devices thru cloud makes this worth the try - I am a Brittle diabetic and I had been a diabeties piolt user but keeping data across all device I have is a pain. This app solves the problem by using Apples cloud which is a lot better than Dibeties piot wifi unit by unit sync, The data is updated across my devices without my intervention. It is lacking in some of the features of DP but for tracking my Blood blucose, carbs and insulin usage,which are the more important data to me it is great. All they need to add is weight, cal. and blood pressure data and I would be happy. So untill then their are apps which track these. Using the extra apps is a pain and why they only rate a 4 out of 5. I assume that the use of the Apple iCloud is so it cand play nice with the new Apple Health Apps and the soon to be Apple Watch (if not please do.)

Found helpful by 7 out of 7 people
Version 1.0.1
Review by Elmo151

marginal functionality and seriously overpriced - I only purchased this app in the search for a better app to keep track of my diabetes related readings and issues. I thought with the exorbitant price there would be some extraordinary functionality. I was really wrong. It is overpriced and has minimal functionality. It only plots a not very useful graph or two. It might be more appropriate for to be priced at $.99 avoid it!

Found helpful by 24 out of 25 people