Developer: SolidSoft Unipessoal LDA

Current Version: 5.0.1

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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GliControl allows you to keep a daily log for diabetes.
View a list of glucose records/carbohydrates/insulin.
Graphical analysis.
Making the submission of your reading by email.
Registration and authentication on the service
Synchronize this application with your account on the site GliControl.


Records of glucose:
- Filter by start and end date
- Unlimited number of records
- Record by date, time, meal, before/after meal, glucose, carbohydrates, insulin units and notes
- In the listing, the values ​​of glucose are marked by colors (configurable)
- The amount of insulin is suggested automatically on the basis of the value of blood glucose (configurable)

- Diary - Get a full log of your records
- Before versus After meal - Very important report to compare and bring with you on your next doctor visit
- Weekly average - This report help you to find patterns between seasons (vacations for example)
- You can preview, print, export to PDF, HTML, TXT, RTF, DOCX, XLS, CSV and also sync your report definition to mobile 5.0

- Glucose rates - Graphical analysis over time that allows a visual way to perceive the evolution of glucose
- Hemoglobin - Analysis by value comprised Hb A1C and average blood glucose
- Objectives - Analysis of pie chart that shows the percentage of times that the target values ​​were within, above and below the target objectives (configurable)

Send e-mail:
- Field "to" configurable in user screen
- Subject assumes a default title with your name
- Body message allows you to insert the variable #glucose_table# that represent the list of glucose

- Backup - Create a backup file glicontrol.db in the glicontrol folder of your card
- Restore - Restores the current data file by glicontrol.db in the glicontrol existing folder on your card
- Reset - Start over when you want
- Sync Cloud - Synchronize with a database on the web (where you can also access the web edition), allowing synchronization with the web edition, create a backup in the cloud and also the synchronization between different mobile devices
- Export Spreadsheet - Exports the glucose reading for the file glicontrol.csv in the folder glicontrol of your card

- Registration and authentication with the web service
- Language - Choose the language among English, Spanish, Brazilian and Portuguese
- Date/time format
- Tables - Glucose/Insuline/Carbohydrates

Before upgrading to a new version it's always recommend backing up your data first using the backup option under the database option.

Criticisms, suggestions or problems?
Available to respond thru e-mail at: [email protected]


Release Notes:

- You can now import data directly from the exported CSV from database
- Fix an issue related with exported date format