Developer: Vanamco

Current Version: 1.2.9

Last Updated: 3 years ago

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Ghostlab - synchronized testing for web and mobile.

Whether you want it or not, your site is going mobile - every day. Use Ghostlab to make sure all your users get the same neat experience - whatever operating system, browser or smart phone they are using.

Ghostlab synchronizes scrolls, clicks, reloads and form input across all connected clients. This means what you're testing is not the simple page load, but the full user experience.

Use the superior built-in inspector to get to the bottom of any problem fast. Connect to the DOM or JavaScript output on any device and effectively fix trouble-making code.

Any JavaScript-enabled client can instantly connect to Ghostlab - no setup required. Ghostlab will keep in touch with them to let them know of any changes that are relevant to them - be it after a few seconds, or after a few days. They even survive a server reboot!


Release Notes:

This version contains various small improvements and bugfixes:

- Fixed fileserver URI decoding issue
- Fixed bug that prevented Chrome on iOS to connect to Ghostlab-
- Prevent app nap while file watching
- Improved soft CSS and image refresh for file watching
- Improved support for XHR requests
- Improved finding position for Ghostlab client script injection
- Improved form submission
- Improved support for IE9
- Improved folder drag and drop support


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.2.8
Review by ttscoff

Amazing for web dev - This app does everything I want in a web development tool, plus some things I didn't even know were possible. Being able to update CSS and sync scrolling and form input across multiple screens and mobile devices is insanely cool (and efficient).

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Version 1.2.9
Review by Captainlonate

No PHP Support - The description here makes this sound amazing. I thought it’d be like MAMP Basic except it would allow me to quickly create and host multiple sites on localhost by dragging and dropping folders to it. That’s sort of how it works, assuming your site is purely front end. The description tells you all the things it DOES do. They leave out the parts it doesn’t do. You can find those out after you spend the whopping $50. Ghostlab does not let you serve php files. So, unless you are building some cute SPA for a church, this is useless for real web developers. Here is how they justify it: They want you to ALSO download MAMP and host the site there. But don’t worry, Ghostlab can view the page that mamp hosts and you can view your page through that. -_- If I still need MAMP, then I may as well just use MAMP. You’re basically paying $50 for live-reload and syncronized scrolling lol. That is of course unless your site is purely front end, in that case you are paying $50 for MAMP. Bottom line is that if the description had plainly stated, “by the way, Ghostlab has no php support, so you’ll need to download MAMP also”, then I would never have spent the $50. That’s a lot of money! I’ve lost my $50 and Ghostlab will sit, unused forever. The kicker is that, not only does the description say nothing about lack of Dynamic content support, but so does their homepage! They state, "If you have a simple webpage consisting of HTML, CSS and Javascript, Ghostlab is able to serve it directly from a directory on your computer.” Why would I pay $50 for a “simple webpage” server when MAMP basic is free! Think about what they are saying. Ghostlab supports multiple pages but…. it relies on MAMP. MAMP Basic serves only one page at a time so… you still only get one page through Ghostlab. MAMP Pro is $60 dollars. It serves multiple sites. Wish I still had my $50 to put towards it.

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