Developer: Jeff Hendrickson

Current Version: 1.0.1

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Fight the Battle of Gettysburg as Robert E. Lee commanding the Army of Northern Virginia, or as George G. Meade commanding the Army of the Potomac in an ultra-realistic, historically accurate real time strategy game. Gettysburg includes a real GIS capability map including terrain data. The game engine's artificial intelligence includes ultra-realistic tactics that take into account the opposing unit's position, active troops, overall strength, fatigue, supply, morale, and the unit commander's command and control abilities, and will play a historically accurate opposition. Will your tactics and strategy on the battlefield alter the outcome of the battle? Can the Army of Northern Virginia prevail?


Release Notes:

Fixed a minor bug in the Save / Open game. Note: this required a database update, so running 1.0.1 will delete any previous saved games.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by Steve Raque

Historically Accurate Simulation - A good historical simulation of the battle of Gettysburg. Though not complete, the research I found on-line of the Order of Battle and unit sizes matched what was protrayed in this game. I am currently early in Day 2 of the battle, and it is enjoyable so far. This is a historical simulation type of game in the mold of the hex-based board games and similar computer games (like Close Combat for WWII). Units are Brigades (infantry/cavalry), HQ, and various sized artillery units. Detail is realistic in terms of the kinds of orders you can give, the pace of the game, and the behavior of the units. Supply, morale, and fatigue are modeled, and the user interface is simple with just enough features that you can give the orders you need to and see the status of your forces and the enemy. This is not a fast-action game nor a watered-down abstraction. It is slow-paced (though you can adjust the simulation speed), and it puts you in the commander’s perspective. Units are rarely completely destroyed like some of the simple iPad games that are out there. This is for those of you who want to recreate the real battle and take the role of either Lee or Meade. This game would be improved with some explanation of the supply rules/algorithm. I found severe times where my troops were claiming to be “out of supply” yet they had clear paths off their own side of the board and their Division and Corps command units were nearby. It would also be improved by hiding the movement plans of your enemy. When you display “Waypoints”, you see them for both your own army and the enemy army. Also, some simple tactics or battle management tips would be very helpful. It took a while to figure out how to get my troops to resupply while they were in battle, and I don’t know whether how they need to behave is historically accurate (they have to dodge in and out of engagement with the enemy based almost only on supply level rather than fatigue, morale, or losses.

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