GekkyuDorobo (Slacker)


Current Version: 4.0.3

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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GekkyuDorobo (Slacker) is a business application created for people that don't really like working. The interface appears to be a text editor, however text files cannot be created. Files cannot be saved, and copy/paste cannot be performed. However, to people that don't really like working, you might say this is a long-awaited application.


-- At the office...
The office atmosphere is quiet and pleasant, causing you to unintentionally drift off to sleep. However, someone constantly dozing off may be seen as unable to do their job. At times like this, launch GekkyuDorobo. With just a keystroke, anyone can be quickly transformed into a much sought-after super businessman.

-- At a cafe...
You're taking a break in between sales calls at your favorite cafe. However if you just sit there spaced out, you might be seen as someone skipping out on work. At times like this, launch GekkyuDorobo. With just a keystroke, you could appear to those watching you as a capable individual that is glued to their work.


1. Prepare any text file (any file with .txt or .html extension). A file that is as complex as possible is best (program source code, etc.).

2. Drag and drop the text file into In case you have double-clicked and started the application, select the text file via the file selection dialog and open.

3. The document window will open.

4. Afterwords, think about what's on the menu for tonight's dinner, or don't think about anything at all and clatter away on the keyboard. GekkyuDorobo can make a accomplishing a difficult job easy. In case your hands get tired, by using "Calculation" from the "Tools" menu, you can pretend that you are performing calculations.
* We recommend you use the time while doing calculations to take a nap.


Release Notes:

Fix to compatible with sandbox.