Developer: Anhedral Aerospace Ltd.

Current Version: 1.6.0

Last Updated: 6 months ago

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IGC flight log file analysis for gliders / sailplanes, hang-gliders and paragliders.


• View and analyse IGC flight log files from gliders / sailplanes, hang-gliders and paragliders.
• Native application for macOS.
• Optimised for both Retina and non-Retina displays.

• Plots the geographic trace of the flight onto a detailed satellite imagery map.
• Trace can be coloured with vertical speed, altitude and ground speed data.
• Global high resolution satellite imagery coverage (extremely useful for determining which ground features were generating lift or sink).
• Map can be scaled and panned with Multi-Touch gestures (E.g. pinch to zoom).

• Plots an altitude graph of the flight.
• Moving the cursor over the altitude graph displays time, altitude and location details.
• Clicking on the altitude graph places a reference marker from which time and altitude deltas are calculated and displayed.

• Flight information display including pilot's name, aircraft ID, aircraft type, take-off time, landing time and flight duration.

• Allows each flight in a log file containing multiple flights to be analysed separately.
• Configurable between metric (m, km/h) and classical (ft, knots) units systems.
• Privacy. Your IGC files remain on your Mac and are never uploaded to the internet.


• GammaFV is not certified for, nor intended for use in, flight safety related activities. Such activities include, but are not limited to, pilot hours tracking and airframe flight hours tracking.


Release Notes:

• Flight logs from loggers that only record satellite fix data can now be fully viewed and analysed. However if you have a choice, use a logger that also records barometric altitude data, as it will allow GammaFV to determine vertical speed more accurately.
• Map trace can now be coloured with satellite altitude and satellite vertical speed data.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.3.0
Review by lolachampcar

Dissapointed - I purchased the software to play back files locally on my computer instead of uploading (my learning) files to online contest and using their viewer. I did not want to subject others to my rather amatureish flights. This software simply displays the flight trace and allows you to view rather broad and almost useless vertical speed or altitude color coding. You can not play back the file nor can you move a positional bar across your data to move a marker along the flight path. If may be there and I am just not seeing it, but lacking any kind of play back feature even makes it difficult to tell the direction of flight on the path or, when you cross over or circle in the same area, which direction is coming and which is going. I would provide this a poor rating, especially for the price.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.6.0
Review by AZphotoguy

Nice to have a Mac-based IGC viewer - This version works great with my inflight GPS recorder in my glider. Now I have a Mac-based tool to look at past flights and share them. The cursor on the altitude graph lets you easily calculate distance climbed or decended and how long it took. Nice job!

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