Full Screen RPN Calculator

Developer: National Spork LLC

Current Version: 3.7.2

Last Updated: 1 year ago

Download Size: 810.3 KB - Download


This RPN calculator takes full advantage of the new Full Screen Mode in Lion. And when you're not using the calculator in full screen mode, the window is fully resizable.

The RPN behavior in this app is based on classic HP calculators. All the essential functions for everyday calculation are included. All memory registers are saved when you quit the app.


Release Notes:

The application now stays running when the window is closed. This means that if you use the calculator and then close the window to do something else, you can go back to the calculator without having to relaunch the entire app.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.3
Review by Closet Reader

It's a four-function calculator! - "All the essential functions"? "Based on HP calculators?" Ummm…say what?? While I guess it's true that this is, indeed, a calculator that uses Reverse Polish Notation, IT IS A FOUR FUNCTION CALCULATOR! Who on earth needs RPN to add and subtract numbers? As far as I can tell, not only doesn't this have functions (forget "advanced" functions), it doesn't even have a stack(!), which makes it useless for serious calculations. If you are reading this review, you're probably in the market for something reminiscent of an HP12c calculator. I'm afraid, however, that this isn't it.

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More Reviews for Current Version

Version 3.7.2
Review by BillyBoy50

Great calculator, plus suggestion - This resizeable RPN calculator fits the need I have. Suggestions for an updated version or an new version entirely include showing the more of the stack (instead of just X) and make a scientific version, or at least a version with 1/x, sqrt, x-y reverse, x**2, y**x. Resizeability is useful - I don’t know why most calculators are not. Finally, the “More Apps by Tod...” and “9 Reasons to use an RPN Calculator...” menu items under Full Screen RPN Calculator lead to 404’d web site. This needs updating also.

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