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Juice is a better battery app for your Mac laptop. Running either as a windowed application or menu bar icon, Juice will provide you with detailed information about your battery. Number of cycles, battery health, charge status, and more are all avai

Please contact us or read our FAQ and support page is you have any questions or require any help. Thank you. You can use SNMP Test Utility to check if your network gateway or router provides remote management and monitoring functionality. Is your m

WiFi Signal

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Monitor and troubleshoot the quality of your Wi-Fi connection. WiFi Signal is a system menu bar application that provides easy access to your Wi-Fi connection details (name, channel, transmit rate, signal strength, noise, etc.), monitors the signal

Screen Capture Sharing for Mac. Automatically uploads screenshots copy the url to your clipboard, ready to paste. Step 1: Command-Shift-5 to Take a Screen Shot Step 2: Command-V to Paste the Link No additional steps added. Take a screen shot and Ca

Tiny PageRank Checker is a very easy use PageRank Checker, and it can check many url one time, very convenience. It is great tool for webmaster or SEOer. Features: Easy check single url/website PageRank. Easy check many urls/whole website PageRank

iStatus lets you monitor the overall health of your Mac. iStatus is tucked away in your menu bar until you need it. With its beautiful and sleek user interface, iStatus gives you a quick overview of your CPU, memory, disk & network usage. Additiona

** Macworld Mac Gems selection ** Detect and stop the Flash plugin on command! Flash animations and videos are among the top processor hogs on OS X. A single poorly-designed Flash banner - even on an inactive window or tab - can eat up an entire pro

Watts is a MacBook® battery management and calibration assistant tool. It's a menu bar app that, apart from the usual battery information (power source used, current battery charge and remaining time), provides advanced data to obtain the maximum

Examine your battery's health, charge status, and manufacture details. * Details about the health and status of your Mac's battery * Learn about the condition of your battery- how much capacity has it lost since new? * See real time details, includi

Jolt allows you to delay your screen from dimming for a set time while you read a website, watch a video clip or perform any other activity where you want your screen to stay on. • Simple, one-click activation • Set up to 5 different delay

A handy and fast tumblr image crawler&downloader, can dowloand more than 10GB of images a day! * Batch download images from Tumblr blogs( * Support download history, avoid duplicate download. * Support bookmarks. Easy to save

SerialSnapper brings continous shooting and a self-timer to your computer. Use the function of a modern camera now also for your screenshots. All you have to do is set how long SerialSnapper should wait before taking the first picture, how long to wa

Tripple Zee is a very simple utility which lets you put your computer to sleep with a delay. This delay can be either set as a precise time interval (e.g. in 2 hours), or when your CPU or network activity is low. This can be very useful for anyone w

Take your documents and let your computer read them so you can listen to them later as an MP3. The idea for this came when I was working on my MBA and was struggling to keep up with all the reading, being a parent, and a full time job. The program

Backup Buddy is a small backup application focused on simplicity and ease of use. It bridges the gap between Apple's Time Machine and complex full-featured backup solutions which have dozens of settings. Just like Time Machine, Backup Buddy will cre

Scenario is a little app which enables you to set specific moments to launch AppleScripts. You can have these scripts launch at Login or Logout, When your machine is about to sleep or waking from sleep, after a set period of inactivity or when you pr

This application is a helper app for our iPhone/iPad LargeViewer application which allows you to view 100 mega-pixel TIFF/JPEG/JPEG2000 images, or PDF pages from normal page sizes to over 30x36 inches. It gives you super fast PDF, JPEG, or TIFF file

Memory Cleaner helps your computer go full speed. You'll love the simplicity of optimizing your system with a simple click. - Featured by Apple in "GET STUFF DONE" and "INVALUABLE UTILITY" - ***** Customer Reviews on the Mac App Store ***** “

HardwareGrowler is the best way to find out when hardware status changes on the Mac. If you need to know what's going on with your Mac, then you need HardwareGrowler. When your power cable unplugs, HardwareGrowler will spring into action and lets y

Alarm Clock for Desktop is a large clock application with a lot of features.  Are you looking for something easy to use yet powerful and beautiful? Alarm Clock for Desktop is designed for you!    Features:  - 10 b