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Developer: Softpress Systems Ltd

Current Version: 5.6.6

Last Updated: 2 years ago

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Create professional websites that look exactly the way you want, without writing any code. Whether you’re new to web design, a pro wanting to put sites together in a jiffy, or you and code simply don’t get along (it happens), Freeway Pro is the ideal solution for you.

Freeway Pro strikes the perfect balance between simplicity and power. The easy-to-use layout tools at its core let you design visually, and as fast as possible. Once you’re happy with your designs, the powerful code generator will convert your lovingly laid out pages into beautifully crafted, standards compliant code. Not only that, but Freeway Pro’s intelligent publishing will make sure only the changes you’ve made are uploaded.

You aren’t tied to using any particular layouts or templates, and you definitely don’t have to know any code to make changes. You are the designer. Freeway Pro puts you back in control of your designs.

If you do like to dabble with code, that’s fine too. You can easily inject any code you like into your pages. So, whether you want to make dynamic PHP driven sites, add some neat JavaScript effects, or a cool widget you found on the web, Freeway Pro will make sure it appears exactly where you want.

You can design so quickly in Freeway Pro that making site prototypes takes minutes. And, because the code that’s generated is standards compliant, you can even hand them over to developers to finish off. The once painful task of editing sites also becomes a simple one in Freeway Pro, making you a happy designer and, more importantly, your clients happy customers.

So, if you are making a site for yourself, email newsletters for your business, or multiple sites for others, by using Freeway Pro you can make everything look the way you want in the time available – leaving you to get on with your life, your business, or the next site.

Freeway Pro is great for website design work, and doesn’t ask for a degree in coding first.
– MacFormat: 5 stars

If you're a graphic designer creating web sites, I recommend you check out Freeway Pro
– Photoshop User: 4.5 stars

[Freeway Pro is] well worth the money if you want to build websites, but are afraid of HTML
– Macworld UK: 4 stars

Freeway [Pro] offers a powerful, visual way to design for the web
– MacUser: 4 stars

With Freeway Pro you can:
• Create pixel-perfect layouts with Freeway's automatically generated, standards-compliant code
• Design and edit every aspect of your sites, email newsletters, and presentations without coding
• Output CSS-based layouts for flexible layouts, dynamic content, and precision positioning
• Drag and drop images and multimedia content right into your site
• Optimize images for the web without leaving Freeway
• Import professional graphic file types for automatic conversion to web-ready formats
• Save time by using Master Pages, automatic link and resource management, and global colors and styles
• Extend Freeway's functionality with any of the hundreds of plug-ins available
• Build fully customizable navigation menus
• Showcase your photos with animated slideshows and galleries
• Expand your reach with social media tools
• Get detailed information about how people are using your sites
• Make money through site advertising
• Easily allow visitors to search your site
• Improve your search engine rankings
• Upload using FTP or securely using FTPS/SFTP
• And much, much more...

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Release Notes:

- Trigger Actions such as Rollovers now work correctly when used on the same page as iFrames or Actions that generate iFrames
- The RSS Action Feed now encodes links containing ampersands correctly
- The Create Email Action no longer forces links to anchors within the same page to open in a new window
- The Simple Site Search now encodes URLs containing apostrophes correctly
- The "Text" field in the Twitter Button Action no longer clears itself between sessions
- Movies generated from the QuickTime Reference Movie Action now work properly on iOS5+
- The Paypal Button Action now includes the Donation ID when creating a Donation Button
- The Showcase Action correctly displays live previews of galleries whose filenames contain # characters
- Removed Yahoo! and Ask from the list of Search Engines in the Site Mapper Action
- Added support for more movie filetypes in the FLV Player Action
- Added some white-space between posts in the Blogger Posts Action
- Added support for more movie filetypes in the QuickTime Reference Movie Action
- The drawing of the toolbar icons in Mountain Lion reflects the colour of the css layout button state.
- Fixed a problem saving documents under Lion and Mountain Lion when Time Machine is used


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.6.4
Review by TheTSArt

Excellent Website Design Tool - I came to Freeway from GoLive, after Adobe discontinued it. I started with the "Express" version. After years of working in a more rigid way of tables and such, Freeway was a little disconcerting because you could put anything anywhere on the page, just like if you were using InDesign. It took me awhile to change my mindset, but once I did, I found I was far more satisified both with the results and the creative process. That said, it also has a lot of power under the hood. You can include any HTML you need to, plus they have these awesome things called "actions." For instance, adding Google Analytics is no more complicated than a mouse click and typing in your site code. Form creation is just about as simple. There are things I do miss about GoLive, but overall the advantages Freeway provides outweigh those, and I'd now hate to have to go back. If you are trying to decide between Freeway Express and Pro… If the "little things" really concern you, then the Pro version is a must, it has more controls. If you loved the Smart Objects in GoLive and did not like having to export versions just for the web, then you definately want the Pro version as it imports native files like .psd without fuss. If you're still not sure what to get, they offer trial versions of both on their website, which was how I started. I've had very few problems since I started using Freeway (I'm now on Pro). However, the two times I did they replied back the same day and offered very helpful, honest answers. I really like that if you are trying to do something that you simply cannot, they seem to be very honest in saying Freeway cannot do that. They don't tell you you're doing it wrong and make you feel idiotic for wanting to ever do that, like some companies do. Overall, I'm very happy with Freeway and wish I had started using it a lot sooner than I did.

Found helpful by 55 out of 57 people
Version 5.6.6
Review by Luft Zeit

Woeful - I'm sure this software is great. That is, if you have a *this* software. I want to design a website. I want it to look decent. Here's what you get with Freeway 5.5. First, going to the freeway website you realize that the current version is actually 6.0 (so I pony up the cash for the difference since I want the most uptodate software that is another $80 or so). Next, you notice there are a few pretty templates. That's it. There are about six of them. So, I open them all and decide which format and style I like the best. I just need this site up and running. Here is what you find. The tutorial videos are very helpful and you realize this software can do some pretty amazing stuff. A lot of the behaviors we've come to learn, like get info on items, adjust settings. But here is where the problems start. If you minimally make changes to a predesigned page, you have no background or instruction on how to fix. For example, I was able to logically manipulate the heading logo at the top of the page, essentially to move everything up closer to the top of the page. I was able to adequately change the CSS menus as well. The problem is that on some of the pages, the logo looks nothing like it does on the first page, with no easy way to fix it. Next, there is an error that CSS stating something about tables. Basically, this software because so frustrating because you can't simply sit down and start using this to quickly get a website going. That is, unless you make minimal changes only to the templates. Sadly, there are only a few of them. Now I am out $130 or so, without anyway to even learn how to use this software. I've downloaded the instruction manual and read the knowledgebase, but unless you have hands on experience with this software (or are an expert HTML programmer), I don't see how this software is useful for the "advanced" basic user. It's easy on its face but entirely too complicated to learn on the fly.

Found helpful by 21 out of 27 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.6.6
Review by RGon

Leaves DreamWeaver in the dust! - This program is terrific, for designers. You can easily rotate graphics, overlay graphics, import PSD files… It's like page layout. Sure, there are things you have to master, like getting background images just right. But creating in a WYSIWYG environment, without coding, is great. Now, I'm partnering with a relational database pal to bring some real guts to sites that used to be a struggle just to get up and running.

Found helpful by 6 out of 8 people
Version 5.6.6
Review by 1965ace

Great except for one tricky problem - I’ve waited for 7 years to update my website myself. Did a bit of comparison shopping and bought Freeway pro. One thing you must know is there are easy programs with few options and much more involved programs that allow you to be very creative. This is not a simple five minute website creator. If you’re computer literate and you have about a week to learn this then you will be very happy. There are a couple of very good complete video tutorials on the web that help a lot. This is the tricky problem I ran into and spent many hours to figure out, if you’re text doesn’t fit in the box , delete the box and start over. It never functions correctly after an overflow. I’m sure they will fix it, but it caused me a lot of frustration. Other than that I really like it.

Found helpful by 6 out of 8 people
Version 5.6.6
Review by BenJLA

Complicated - Oops, bought because I thought I could design a website with this. I am a graphic designer and not a website builder. Like I said, errr, complicated. Not for the casual website designer.

Found helpful by 11 out of 13 people
Version 5.6.6
Review by Grappleberries

THis is bizarre made to look theme easy designer prepare to pay their web site for themes later - Did not find it useful just lunk out the code on a text pad my suggestion.

Found helpful by 0 out of 2 people