Freeway Express AS

Developer: Softpress Systems Ltd

Current Version: 5.6.6

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Creating websites and email newsletters is simple with Freeway Express. Don't let its simplicity fool you, though. Freeway Express gives you full control over your creations. Starting with one of our professionally designed templates, the first thing you'll notice is that everything is editable.

Don't like the color of the title text? Change it.
Don't like the font used for the navigation menus? Change it.
Want to add your own touch to the design? Add it.
Want to start from scratch and do your own thing? Do it.

And all without writing any code!

"A flexible and visual web-design program that creates professional results."
— MacFormat: 4.5 stars

"A step up from iWeb, Freeway is the perfect app for those who've grown out of Apple's built-in web-design app."
— iCreate: 4 stars

With Freeway Express you can:
• Create pixel-perfect layouts with Freeway's automatically generated, standards-compliant code
• Design and edit every aspect of your sites, emails, and presentations without coding
• Get going immediately without having to spend money buying plug-ins
• Optimize images for the web without leaving Freeway
• Never break another link by using Freeway's automatic link and resource management
• Build fully customizable navigation menus
• Drag and drop images, movies, audio, and Flash right into your site
• Showcase your photos with slideshows and galleries
• Get detailed information about how people are using your sites
• Make money through site advertising
• Expand your reach with social media tools
• Easily upload to any FTP or secure FTP server
• And much, much more...

To get more information, watch video tutorials, read the FAQs, subscribe to our newsletter and more head over to our website:

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Release Notes:

- Trigger Actions such as Rollovers now work correctly when used on the same page as iFrames or Actions that generate iFrames
- The RSS Action Feed now encodes links containing ampersands correctly
- The Create Email Action no longer forces links to anchors within the same page to open in a new window
- The "Text" field in the Twitter Button Action no longer clears itself between sessions
- Movies generated from the QuickTime Reference Movie Action now work properly on iOS5+
- The Paypal Button Action now includes the Donation ID when creating a Donation Button
- The Showcase Action correctly displays live previews of galleries whose filenames contain # characters
- Removed Yahoo! and Ask from the list of Search Engines in the Site Mapper Action
- Added support for more movie filetypes in the FLV Player Action
- Added some white-space between posts in the Blogger Posts Action
- Added support for more movie filetypes in the QuickTime Reference Movie Action
- The drawing of the toolbar icons in Mountain Lion reflects the colour of the css layout button state.
- Fixed a problem saving documents under Lion and Mountain Lion when Time Machine is used


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 5.5.7
Review by 56t

Excellent - but know what to expect - This is a very reasonably priced app that lets you create a fairly capable website without knowing html. But it's not mindlessly easy like using iTunes or a browser. Don't get this app for grandma or if you're expecting to create a lavish website with ultra simple click-and-drag methods alone. If you're a total novice as I was, expect to spend a day or two figuring things out, making mistakes and getting the hang of things. But after that day or two, it really is a super-simple, super-elegant app that makes it hassle-free to generate pretty neat stuff. (Giving this app 1 star because it's wasn't easy enough is like giving Photoshop 1 star because--surprise--it's more complicated than iPhoto.) Their customer service is also incredible. I got instant, awesome service while struggling through beginner's idiot mistakes. They asked me to send them my site, diagnosed my problem, told me how to fix it and made unsolicited additional helpful suggestions within hours. Though long, the PDF manual is also quite clear, and there's a knowledge base and active forums, as well as video tutorials. The company seems to be in it for the long haul, so I have some confidence they'll support the product, which is important what with huge changes like iCloud coming. (It will be great to just flip open my laptop on the couch and see the app just as I left it at work.) Not everything is perfect. This version (there's a pro version for more $) doesn't open existing html files, meaning you must start from scratch. The undo function only works once, which is really annoying for a beginner. And there's only so much intuitiveness you can build into a reasonably complex app that has some capabilities. Thus, it's initially slightly confusing to deal with "master" and "child" pages and doing so can make things appear/disappear in ways you don't immediately understand, but the payoff is that now I can distribute changes to all pages (like in the site menu that's on every page) in a snap. So: I highly recommend this app, but you need to be willing to fiddle for a day or two if you're a hopeless newbie like I am.

Found helpful by 33 out of 33 people
Version 5.5.7
Review by soberminded

Disappointing - Looking for something to transition from iWeb since MobileMe will not be hosting my sight any longer. iWeb is so drag and drop simple I'm spoiled. Freewat Express IS NOT NEARLY AS INTUITIVE as I was hoping, even for a mac app. Sure, it has more muscle than iWeb but who cares if it's not any fun to use!

Found helpful by 22 out of 48 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.6.6
Review by rdkaiser

Freeway Express AS - I intended to give my web site a new look but was very disappointed in Freeway Express AS after working with it for hours, and went back to using different iWeb template. It is nothing like iWeb and the templates are so-so and not nearly as intuitive. I'm hoping Apple sees fit to update iWeb or develops similar software that is as easy to use as iWeb.

Found helpful by 7 out of 13 people
Version 5.6.6
Review by wish iweb would get an update

crap dont buy outdated - iweb looks better

Found helpful by 6 out of 20 people
Version 5.6.6
Review by Macpilot1

Fantastic! - This is fantastic software! If you are looking for an iWeb replacement this is it! First, this is power software and with a little practice, you can make professional looking web pages. I took a couple of days and did the tutorial that Freeway offers. They have excellent documentation that will have you up and running in no time! Just take the time to learn all it offers. I highly recommend this software especially at this price point! Great job!

Found helpful by 4 out of 4 people
Version 5.6.6
Review by ThistleJ

Full freedom in designing the webpage you want - I’ve been using Freeway Express now for about a month and I have not been at all disappointed. I initially downloaded it because I wanted a web design package that would allow me to build my site from scratch -- I didn’t want to be hindered by templates; I wanted full freedom to have my site look and act how I wanted it to. Freeway Express has allowed me to do that — I now have one site up and running and another that I am currently designing. I have built them both from scratch. If you want the creative freedom to create a website from scratch without using any html, this is really the application for you — and I would say that it is unbeatable given the price. However, because it allows you to do this, this application is much more complicated than many of the others in the Mac App store which are built around templates, and is much more complicated than iWeb. It has a learning curve, and expect to spend at least a day or two or even three (depending on your experience with page layout software) learning how to use it. It allows you to do some fairly complex things, and, because of that, the interface is a bit complex (sometimes it might be overly complex). If you only want to spend a few hours on your website and use a template, this application will probably require more time than you want to spend. And it will offer more functionality than you likely need. If you want to put the time in however to see your original design on the web this is what you need and Softpress offers some great video tutorials, a manual, and active discussions boards to help you get started. There are some quarks to Freeway Express that you do need to get used to -- there is, for example, only one level of undo which can be a bit annoying (I get around this by saving often and using the “revert to saved” function). Sometimes dealing with multiple objects on a page and which ones are in front and which behind can become confusing and a bit difficult to work with -- but using the Page tab can really help keep things straight. Also, I have experienced some occasionally crashes (maybe 3 or 4 within a month of use -- using almost daily to every other day), especially when copying very large items to the clipboard -- but nothing that has been detrimental to my work. There is no automatic save, so save regularly (which is just good practice anyway). All in all, I really like the freedom and power Freeway Express offers — I think this software is a phenomenal deal for the price.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people
Version 5.6.6
Review by DavidInVegas

Exactly what I needed - For years, I have used iWeb for my personal site, which was easy to use, but very limited, and Dreamweaver for my larger sites, but it was very complicated, frustrating and most of the time more than I needed. Freeway has been a perfect combination of them both. With their tutorials it's been pretty easy to learn and it does almost everything I would need or want. (There is one function that I am hoping they can duplicate from Dreamweaver and have an email out to them now on it.) Bottom line though, I have converted most of my site over from Dreamweaver in one night and that includes configuring the server and getting it all to publish which was a breeze unlike quite a few programs I have tried. After transfering everything over I stepped back and looked at it and the site just looks good. I'm impressed. The one function I think is rediculous that they don't have, is the ability to "undo" more than your last motion. Not being able to undo more than one thing has messed me up quite a few times tonight. It also crashed on me once which lost me quite a bit. (I have grown a little too accustomed to Mac's new feature of automatically saving my documents and don't thin about saving anymore.) Therefore, I would highly recomend saving often. Overall, even with some minor glitches, its been a great program. I highly recomend it for anyone where Dreamweaver is too much or too expensive.

Found helpful by 28 out of 28 people