Fraction Calc

Developer: Marcus McDowell

Current Version: 1.01

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Performs basic arithmetic with integers, proper and mixed fractions; fraction to decimal, and decimal to fraction conversions. Over 15,000 of the iOS version sold on the iTunes store for iOS devices.

•Receives whole numbers, numerators, and denominators as input.
•The resulting fraction from the mathematic operation is automatically reduced to the lowest possible denominator.
•A pie chart displays the fraction portion of the resulting answer.

•Convert from a decimal to a fraction by entering the decimal number in the field on the right side, then pressing the ← Button.
•Operate the slider to determine the size of the denominator (from 2-8, 16, 32, 64, & 128) or type in the desired denominator in the field directly above the slider. The resulting fraction will be the closest approximation of the decimal based on the size of the chosen denominator.
•If auto reduce is on, the fraction is reduced upon conversion from decimal form. If it is off, the fraction retains the chosen denominator.
•A glass displays the conversion as an appropriate liquid level, and also displays the decimal value as a red ring inside the glass at the appropriate level (if not exactly equal to the fractions decimal value).
•Finally, you enter a fraction to convert to a decimal value when you press the → Button.

•Clear All button clears all user input.
•Use Answer Again button takes the result of the calculation, and moves it to the top fraction, and clears the other fraction and answer. (Quickly sets you up for sequential calculations.)
•Convert Answer Button takes the answer from the calculation and moves it to the conversion area and provides the converted output described above.


Release Notes:

Corrected a bug which kept the application icon alive in the dock. The application now closes properly and removes itself from the dock.


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Version 1.01
Review by Glowboxx

Could be better - It would be nice if there was a spot to enter a mixed number and have it calculate it into a improper fraction or vice versa.

Found helpful by 2 out of 2 people