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*** Thank you for all the suggestions and comments, but please, do not send bug reports and feature requests via application rating system. I am not even able to answer them. Use support e-mail instead. Thanks! *** Have you ever wanted to mute your

An application that allows you to export playlists that you have defined in iTunes to a variety of playlist formats, including M3U, WPL, ZPL, and Centrafuse (MPL). This application simplifies listening to your music on 3rd party devices while still

⌘ Resolve Shortcut Conflicts ⌘ ShortStop disables global keyboard shortcuts (hotkeys) so you can interact with the current application unencumbered. Utility applications add dozens of global keyboard shortcuts to your system. This create

iScherlokk is a lightning fast file search utility and file comparison tool. It performs two fundamental functions, and it performs them extremely well. Why use iScherlokk rather then Spotlight: • Extremely fast search engine finds your files

PhoneBox allows you to make and receive calls via your phone straight to a desktop. ◆ Answer calls instantly and dial directly from your desktop. ◆ Record conversations, store and play it back. ◆ Receive alerts for incoming calls

Have you ever been counting on your VPN connection to get to that important document only to discover that you've been disconnected? Have you ever started to download a large file only to discover that your VPN connection got disconnect before finish

Fast shortcuts to system functions!!!! OptimPrefs is the simplest existing option to change the settings on your Mac, without having to go into Preferences and make changes one by one. Create a Mode for when you're at home, one for the office, on

FinalTouch is a small un-obtrusive but powerful application. It allows you to slow down the speed of your mouse and achieve unrivaled precision. Perfect for: Illustrators, Photographers, Pixel artists, Retouchers, 3D Artists & Designers FinalTouch

Screen Vault brings you a brand new innovative way to lock and unlock your Mac. I would like to thank everyone for a wonderful 1st day for Screen Vault on the Mac App Store and for your continued support for this app. There have been lots of great q

Print Window 5 is the best tool for printing file listings in Mac OS X! Print Window allows you to create beautiful, professional-looking file listings right from the Mac OS X Finder. No more taking screenshots of windows or settling for text-only p

— Launch SALE! 50% OFF for a limited time — Cut and paste files in the Finder. Merge folders! moveAddict provides a functionality the Finder was missing, the ability to move files using the keyboard. It’s meant to replace draggin

Read First!! For Mountain Lion user, please update to 10.8.2 iKeyboard can turn your Mac into a Bluetooth keyboard for iPad/iPhone/Mac. Pairing steps: 1. Mac : Select "Discoverable" in application menu. 2. iPad/iPhone: Select "Settings->General->B


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CM PDF Merge NX is a New Generation Fast Easy to Use Application which helps you merge two or more PDF files together. It also allows you to rearrange the pages within the pdf file. Extract pages from one or more PDF files and create a brand new PDF

Do you like the media browser that Apple includes in some of its applications, but wish you could use it from any application? Now you can. Use the free Karelia iMedia Browser whenever and wherever you need to access your library of photos, music,

Whether watching video or listening to music, the Mac can be a great way to relax at the end of the day. But you certainly don't want to leave it playing all night if you fall asleep with a movie or some tunes. YourSleeper will allow you to set a ti

Simple thief detection app for portable computers. An alarm is played on various events that indicate that someone is trying to steal your notebook or is accessing its mouse or keyboard while you're not in front of it. The app can also be used to al

Alarm Tunes is /the easiest/ alarm app for your Mac. Open it, type in the alarm time, choose the playlist from iTunes that you want to be played and you're set! You can also make it so that the system and iTunes volume are set to max. when the alar

PhoneBox allows you to make and receive calls via your phone straight to a desktop. ◆ Answer calls instantly and dial directly from your desktop. ◆ Record conversations, store and play it back. ◆ Receive alerts for incoming calls.

PLEASE READ the manual before using the app. Manuals can be downloaded from our website in PDF format. YOU NEED to remember the passwords you use to encrypt your files, this app does not store/save the passwords for security reasons! ****** Encryp

Slink is the easy way to remotely access your home network. Listen to your iTunes music and watch your movies from anywhere, get the files from your home Mac or Time Capsule that you forgot to bring with you on the road, or help your parents or kids