Developer: Tomoyuki Okawa

Current Version: 2.2.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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- Compare Styled Text for Different Fonts -

FontsView2 is a desktop application designed such that the user can pick the best font for a particular text string. You can add your best candidates to the Favorite font list for quick access. You quit the application, and FontsView2 will of course restore the list whenever you launch it again.

* What's new *

1. Previously, Favorite font list came as a separate window panel. Now, it appears as a popover window. Click on the Show button at the bottom-left corner of the application window.
2. Highlighting fonts: Select a font and click on the Hightlight toolbar button to mark it. And the selected font name will appear in blue.
3. Background display colors: Previously, the background pattern of the text display panel was checkerboard. You can now pick one of seven solid colors as a background pattern on top of checkerboard.
4. Save text as PNG: You can save text with the selection of font as a PNG image.
5. Printing text with all available fonts: Previously, you were able to export an HTML file showing styled text with all available fonts. This feature is deprecated. Instead, you can choose Print Text With All Fonts under File to print out text or save text with all available fonts as a PDF document.
6. Show styled text in a separate window: Clicking on the Show in text button at the bottom-right corner, you can display styled text in a separate window.
7. Compare fonts: It's a feature that is available with the iPad version of FontsView. Choose one or more fonts, and FontsView2 will list styled text with them in a separate window. In this manner, you can compare different font styles of text side by side.
8. Undo/Redo changes: NSUndoManager oversees undorable property changes such as text color, text size, text string, even font selection and background pattern selection.

* Features *

1. Save styled text as PNG.
2. Save the entire font list as XML.
3. Save the favorite font list as XML.
4. Print out styled text with different fonts or save the print out as a PDF document.
5. Add important fonts to Favorite font list, which appears as a popover window.
6. Highlight important fonts.
7. Choose one of 8 background pattherns.
8. Undo/Redo changes for such properties as text, font selection, font color, font size, background pattern selection.
9. Set a font color with a hexadecimal color value.
10. Show styled text as rich text in a separate window.
11. Compare styled text for different fonts side by side in a separate window.
12. Language: English only.
13. The application supports the Retina display.
14. Application file size: 1.6 MB
15. The application comes with a complete user's guide written in English. (Choose Help > User's Guide.)

* System requirements *

1. Mac OS X 10.7 Lion or higher
2. 64-bit system

* Limitations *

1. The maximum text size allowed is 1024 points. The minimum is 6 points.
2. The user can undo/redo changes only on the main application window and not on the Preferences window or when they are prompted with an input box.

* Deprecation *

1. The application no longer allows the user to save styled text with different fonts as an HTML file. Instead, they can save it as a PDF document.


Release Notes:


1. The user interface is modified to some extent. Now, a splitview houses an input box in one box and other controls in the other box.
2. The user can now apply bold and/or italic to a string with a given font.
3. A few other changes (for example, switching from Auto Layout to no Auto Layout) are made.