Folx GO

Developer: Eltima

Current Version: 5.3

Last Updated: 13 hours ago

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Folx GO - a powerful Download manager for Mac.

Folx GO allows the most complete control over your downloads with its fast speed, splitting downloads in threads, resuming of paused and interrupted downloads. You can add new downloads to Folx GO in various ways.
Another appealing feature of Folx GO is tagging of downloads according to their content. This way the downloads will be easy to track and retrieve even after some time has passed since they were saved to your Mac.

**What you are getting with Folx GO**

• Smart Speed control
The download speed is controlled automatically with an additional option to schedule certain speed on specific time and dates.

• Downloads Scheduler
You can set Folx to download at the most convenient time and dates and choose its exit behaviour: quit Folx, shut down the computer, or switch the system to sleep mode.

• Splitting downloads in up to 20 threads
Splitting your downloads in threads can greatly help with increasing the download speed.

• iTunes integration
The downloaded music & videos are automatically added to the iTunes playlists corresponding with assigned tags.

• Save login and password
Save the passwords to the most used websites in Folx GO for faster downloading.


Release Notes:

added: support for Firefox Quantum (v57.0).
fixed: an issue with re-download when using Scheduler.
fixed: an issue with downloading of files with the same file names.
fixed: an issue with the Rename field work for some links.
Lots of fixes and improvements (thank you guys for your continued feedback!).


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 3.1
Review by UvAllie

Love this app! - Saves a lot of time! Small & powerfull and a great hepler to organize your downloads! Recommend!

Found helpful by 8 out of 11 people
Version 3.3
Review by AppCriticToo

This app is pure malware! - I installed this app and had a nightmare experience with it. I added the Firefox add-on for it and when I tried to download a file in Firefox, it immediately opened the app with 'about:blank' as the file source. Great. So I quit the app and tried again and same obnoxious behavior. OK, so I disabled the add-on and tried again. Same behavior. Next, I deleted the app and tried again. Same behavior. So I emptied the trash. Same behavior. What!? I opened atMonitor and it showed that the copy of the app I had in my Downloads folder was running! Huh!? So I quit the app and permanently deleted it from the command line. I refreshed the page in FF once again and the bloody app pops up again with 'about:blank'!!! OMG! This time atMonitor shows the app running from a CC backup! So I delete that version and had to restart FF before I could finally get the normal download dialog. I used DownThemAll instead and that worked fine. At least I had the opportunity to make the choice. This app gave me no choice. I expected it to just add a menu item to the FF download dialog but it didn't and there were no settings for the FF add-on. This app is, by definition, malware. It takes over your browser. It should be taken out of the app store.

Found helpful by 39 out of 47 people