Folder Sync

Developer: Destek Ltd

Current Version: 1.4.11

Last Updated: 2 months ago

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Keep multiple pairs of folders in sync, quickly and easily. Great for backups and for managing content on USB drives, memory cards, and other computers/drives on your network.
View differences between pairs of folders on screen using user defined coloured coding.

Folder Sync allows you to utilise a fully automatic sync (Sync to Left, Sync to Right or Sync Both Ways) making only the required changes to keep this as fast as possible.

You can also manually manipulate the files yourself in order to copy or delete just the files you select for the ultimate in control, something that other synchronisation applications do not offer.

Built in scheduling abilities and option to run as a Menu Bar Application.

Notable Features are...
• Run as Menu Bar App or Standard App.
• Fast Comparison Engine based on Modified Date and File Size.
• Fast Synchronization Options as only the files that are different are manipulated.
• Ability to save pairs of folders to Presets for quick and easy repeat of synchronisation.
• Schedule Presets to run at any specific time on any chosen days (iCal not required).
• Presets can be set to repeat automatically at user defined time intervals.
• Presets can be grouped to allow complex backup sets to be created and run with ease in the Sync Queue.
• Users have the choice of using automatic synchronisation options or performing copy and delete tasks manually.
• Provides a preview of all changes that will take place prior to actually committing those changes to disk.
• Sync external Hard Disks (USB, NAS etc) with your Mac and vice-versa
• Sync Macs across a network.
• Multi-Touch track pad support offering fast scrolling and difference navigation.
• Quick Look and Finder Integration.
• Very Configurable Interface and Synchronisation options.
• Filtering abilities to allow you focus on the differences that need your attention as well as easily excluding folders/files.
• Powerful built in selection commands allowing you to quickly grab the files you need, great for those manual synchronisations!
• Run Syncs in a Sync Queue at the same time as working on another Sync in the main window.
• Extensive Logging System

*** Please contact Destek Support if you have any issues and we will do whatever we can to assist. Thank you. ***


Release Notes:

- Bug fixes


Most Helpful Reviews

Version v1.4.2
Review by JC-Shanghai

Fantastic for large backups/syncs - It used to take me a whole week to sync 2 x 8TB HDD arrays, as I'd have to rewrite all of the files and folders. This utility can analyze both the source and target disks for differences, and its able to do what I need in just a few hours. The interface isn't very sexy, but it communicates exactly what's happening and that's actually more useful than eye candy. Good value app - thumbs up!

Found helpful by 2 out of 4 people
Version v1.3.0
Review by AppAficionado

Crashes on large backup - I'm trying to sync my music, videos etc to an external drive, and it crashes every time. Granted, it's a large set of files (about 150k files, 1.4TB), but still. I want my $9 back. :(

Found helpful by 20 out of 22 people