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Want to focus better on what you're doing? Focus Time is a beautifully designed timer for people who want to avoid distractions and get more done. LifeHacker: "Keeps You On-Task and Productive" Want to eliminate the anxiety of time and enhance yo

Pomodoro Timer helps you boost your productivity using the Pomodoro Technique™, one of the most effective time management methods out there. Not only will you get a fully configurable timer that lets you customize every aspect of the technique,

- "A MUST HAVE APP" by NY Times, TechCrunch, PCMAG - Over 15 Million people use our simple & powerful to-do list to stay organized and get things done with everyone in their lives. to-do list key benefits: - Seamless cloud sync between your m

Complete your daily tasks using the Pomodoro Technique. Pomodoro Tasks takes the effective Pomodoro method to help you break complex tasks into manageable chunks, each lasting a small amount of time. KEY FEATURES » Quickly enter a task an

Many folks are sprinters - not long distance runners. They are far more productive if they can zone into their task with a short burst of energy. Use this Zone In app to help focus upon a particular task for a set time. Features: ** Main Panel **

Doris Desktop is a no-clutter Task Management app for people who want to get things done (requires an Internet connection). Since 2008 Doris has been helping tens of thousands of users worldwide stay on top of their todo lists. In addition to the p

This is an old version of Things. We keep it in the store so we can provide maintenance updates to existing users. If you're a new customer, please search for “Things 3” in the Mac App Store.

We all know it is sensible to take breaks while using a computer for extended periods of time, in order to help prevent eyestrain, stiff neck, headaches, back aches, and RSI. Sometimes you forget to rest because you are immersed in your work. Rest c

Note: When you start the application only a small icon sits at the top menu bar but it doesn't mean it's not loaded. If you think it doesn't work, please, check the top bar. Tomato Timer is an excellent tool for your task and time management. It he

AweCal - Manage your time and organize your days! AweCal is the best organizer for your tasks, events and notes. It is an all-in-one calendar with a rich set of features including: ADVANCED CALENDAR • Supports multiple calendars, color code an

To Due is a menu bar based application that is focused on delivering a clutter free and simple way to access your tasks that syncs with To Due on iPhone. Features: -Countdown until due and customizable alerts -Instant iCloud Sync with iOS, no user

Cloud-sync'd, productivity-boosting to do list ccToDo helps you put your business and personal life in order. It's a to-do list that travels with you wherever you go, and on whatever device you're using: iPhone, iPad, iPod, Windows, web, and email.

We all love Asana, but when it's time to get down to work, it's all too easy to put on blinders and miss important updates. Insana can help! Insana posts an alert into your Notification Center whenever a new task gets assigned to you. Keep an eye o

Get the free version of inShort for iOS! Click "inShort Support" to learn more about the offer. This program allows you to build diagrams of processes and monitor their execution. As a rule, tasks do not exist on their own, they are usually interrel

Agenda2 is an application for building agendas for meetings. To design a meeting, simply create the sessions, add presentations, discussions and breaks to the sessions. Configure each agenda item (name, duration, discussion time, theme, speaker, etc

Welcome to Chaperone, an all new task tracking app. It helps you stay focused on one task a time by associating tasks with apps. Want to write a report? Start a new Chaperone task with your favorite word processor and Chaperone will remind you to

NEW – we've added support to Focusbar. If you have a account, you can now submit your tasks to calendar at the end of your working day. Bring your tasks to a focus with Focusbar - simple but powerful t

Actionify is a clean, simple and efficient Task Manager, inspired by Getting Things Done™ (GTD). It has been designed to free your mind by organizing your Tasks for you. Keep Focus Actionify automatically categorizes all your Tasks into Focus

========================== *** I am really sorry to tell that people who are using OSX 10.9 Mavericks please DO NOT download this version, it doesn't work! The next up coming version of Events will fix the issue. *** *** It is OK to download this

Todoozle is a simple, unobtrusive task manager that stays out of your way, but helps you get on with your day. Only have a second to jot down a quick reminder? Have no time, nor desire to micro-manage your tasks list? Want the flexibility of groupi