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Flow is an award-winning, beautiful, fast, and reliable FTP + SFTP client. With URL Copying, Droplets, a built-in editor, and QuickLook, it's no wonder why Flow is the go-to choice for those who want the best.

A file-transfer client is only capable of being as good as its connections are. That's why we left nothing to chance: Flow is powered by ConnectionEngine, providing the most modern, efficient, and fast connections in the world. Engineered to take full advantage of multi-connection concurrency, nothing comes close to Flow's resilience, reliability, or speed.

Copy or open the URLs to your remote files in a single click. Automatically copy URLs to the clipboard after uploading. Flow pioneered such URL-awareness, so no other app comes close to Flow's deep URL integration.

A droplet is a mini-application that lets you upload files insanely fast — in literally zero clicks. Drop a file on a droplet, and boom. The file is uploaded without even opening Flow. A window showing the progress of the upload appears. When the upload is finished, the window disappears. The URL to the uploaded file can even be copied to your clipboard. Droplets in Flow are unmatched by any other app on the planet.

Flow is the backbone for the daily work of thousands of web developers. Flow can edit files on your server in your favorite text editor, like TextMate, or with the built-in editor, replete with a web-preview of your code, tabs, syntax coloring, and even code completion. No matter what editor you use, when you hit "save", the updated file is instantly uploaded to the server.

Designed exclusively for OS X, Flow has QuickLook just like the Finder. Whether you've got an image, HTML file, PDF, or Keynote presentation — anything — a tap on the spacebar is all it takes to preview your files without opening them.

You might have noticed that Flow doesn't look like other file transfer clients. When you start to use it, you'll also notice it doesn't feel like other file transfer clients, either. This is no accident.

Flow was designed for simplicity. But like OS X itself, its simplicity belies the power hidden within. The result is an intuitive, elegant, and incredibly functional experience. It's like no other. We're not the only ones who think so, either: Flow took home runner-up for the prestigious Apple Design Awards in 2008.


Release Notes:

Fixes for modern (hello, 2017) SFTP servers. Compatibility fixes for macOS High Sierra.


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 1.7.2
Review by DJSHTT

Just… wow - Before Flow, I was using Cyberduck. Comparing the features to other FTP clients, I never really felt anyone offered anything remarkably different enough worth paying for. When I saw Flow, it was everything that I wanted to see in an FTP client. After purchasing this great app, and using it just to log in and quickly transfer a few files, I feel like I should have paid more. Incredible, you definately get your money's worth… and then some!

Found helpful by 5 out of 7 people
Version 1.7.2
Review by azazel-

Buyer Beware - After years of empty promises, missing and/or broken features, this steaming pile of code has been -officially- abandoned by it's creator, as he skips off to join Facebook. So, I wouldn't expect any further app updates, fixes, or support response of any kind.

Found helpful by 73 out of 75 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 1.7.5
Review by Davidcsi

not working anymore - This app was pretty good so i bought it... but since like a year ago it's stop working, won't connect anywhere with error "Key Exchange Failed"

Found helpful by 0 out of 0 people
Version 1.7.5
Review by babakf79

nice program, but not for professional user - update #3: I am updating my review after 5 years. In fact developers of this app just decided to update the app after almost five years, and the app still lacks many basic but important features. It still does not support resumption if a connection is broken during upload or download. The app also does not look like 2017 (still feels 2012). And honestly it does not justify the price tag. ----- update #2: Every update of this app provides better functionality, improved stability and lots of bug fixed, which is nice. It would be a 5 stars app if it supports "resuming" of interrupted transfers. IMHO this app is still not a choice for users with huge files or unstable internet connections. ----- update #1: My first review on this app (below) was negative. But recent update resolved most of the issues. Now I can reliably transfer huge files (6+ GB) without freezing and it is now very stable. BUT: It does not yet support resuming broken downloads, which is a big deal and I think every serious file transfer app should support this feature. I mean, come on, even command line tools like "wget" support this. This is a basic feature that most people need. ----- The program looks very nice and is very easy to use. But after a few tries you will be annoyed by lack of some important features, especially support for resuming broken downloads. Resuming is a very basic feature that Trasmit and Cyberduck support, but it is not the case with Flow. However if you are doing web development and dealing with small files, this program is recommended.

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