Flip Boom Cartoon

Developer: Toon Boom Animation Inc.

Current Version: 5.0

Last Updated: 4 years ago

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Have Fun!

Powered by Toon Boom, Flip Boom Cartoon is a fun animation software.

Create colourful greetings cards
Flip Boom lets you create animated greetings cards in seconds with its easy-to-use drawing tools and fun templates!

Send talking Invitations Use Flip Boom to record your own voice over your animated invitations and surprise your friends!

Spice up your cartoons with sound effects
Enjoy applying fun sounds to give your cartoons an extra edge and give more life to your characters!

Become a YouTube sensation!
Use Flip Boom’s creative tools to tell short stories and upload them directly in YouTube to get a lot of views!

Impress your friends on Facebook
Create fun animated videos using Flip Boom’s drawing tools and easy-to-use templates. Upload the videos right to your Facebook page so your friends can see them!

Flip Boom is a simple and amazing animation software for kids of all ages!
- Simply draw and colour a series of pictures with small progressive changes
- Record your voice over the animation
- Press play to see your cartoon characters come to life
- Share your projects with your friends on Facebook and YouTube or on your iPod with the direct upload feature

Watch the pre-loaded demo projects and start playing with Flip Boom’s features to start creating fun animations:

Drawing Tools
- Select tool
- Brush tool
- Eraser tool
- Templates
- Adjustable line width

Coloring Tools
- Colour picker
- Brush tool
- Bucket tool
- Bright color selection

Editing Tools
- Cut/Copy/Paste tool
- Undo tool
- Bring to Front tool
- Send to Back tool

Animating and Sound Tools
- Play button
- Add/Copy page
- See previous drawing
- Draw Behind tool
- Drawing slider
- Voice recorder

Sharing Tools
- Print drawings
- Save as movie
- Upload on iPod
- Upload on YouTube
- Share on Facebook

Powered by Toon Boom


Most Helpful Reviews

Version 0
Review by my gooch

Awesome - I was nervous buying this at first because their were no reviews about it. But I got lucky because this is great. My only wish is that they make recording audio easier. If they made an update were the audio was easy to use like in the app Animation Creator on the iPhone. If they did that then this would be the greatest app ever!

Found helpful by 31 out of 34 people

More Reviews for Current Version

Version 5.0
Review by Kirby76

Falls a little short... - I was hoping for simple animation- and I got simple. There are things I took for granted. There is no way to make your people or characters look like they are walking or talking. You paste the exact same picture from page to page and they remain in the same pose, just in a different spot- so if you're looking for a stop motion type thing, this is perfect. The screen shot that is above showing the dog lifting the cat to the UFO-- yeah, no templates for those- if you are an expert artist and you can draw those, then this is great for you. I couldn't draw that even on a piece of tracing paper, there is no way I can do it on my touchpad. I also noticed that even though I downloaded the templates for fonts, there is no possible way to use them. Any writing you do has to be done in "handwriting" on your touchpad (maybe not as much of a problem with an iPad-- I have a Macbook Air) That said, it's pretty user friendly, and maybe it's fun to do some doodling on- but I wanted to do an actual music video to go along with a preschool song about a frog who jumps in the pond and eats flies. There is no frog, no pond and no insects. (They have a picture of one frog hopping over another- but if you can't separate the two, then it seems silly to have an animated strip of frogs that never take off and never land!) I would have been better off buying the AllStar package. I'm seeing if I can turn in this version for that.

Found helpful by 4 out of 5 people